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Saint Louis County Department of Health

Advisory Board

It is our pleasure to acknowledge and publicly thank the Saint Louis County DPH Advisory Board. Their interest and concern, combined with their ability to identify problems and outline strategies, have been vital supportive factors in the Department's successes.

Board Members


Ravi Johar, MD


Andrew Gold, MD


Sharon Frey, MD
Joseph Forand, MD
Judy Goodman, MSW
Jay Meyer, MD
Nick Tharenos, RPh

Board History and Responsibilities

The board was created by the authority of the Saint Louis County Charter Article IV, Section 4.150 . The members of the Advisory Board are appointed by the County Executive subject to confirmation by the County Council. It is composed of Nine residents of Saint Louis County. They are County residents who hold no other County office. They serve for a term of three years, except to fill a vacancy. At least two, but not more than four, of the members must be regularly licensed practitioners of medicine. One member must be a regularly licensed practitioner of dentistry. No member may be appointed for more than two consecutive terms. The members receive $600.00 per year. The Board shall advise the Director of the Department of Public Health relative to the functions and affairs of the department.

Board Meeting Dates

The Board meets the last Monday of every month, except July, August, and December at 6:00 p.m. at the St. Louis County Department of Public Health, Director's Conference Room, 6121 North Hanley Road, Berkeley, MO.  63134.