General Overview

The Animal Care & Control Department encourages all pets to be spayed or neutered to prevent the birth of unwanted offspring. 

Spaying or neutering is a responsible action pet owners can take to prevent unwanted and uncontrolled animals that can spread disease, damage property, cause accidents, and suffer from neglect - as well as contribute to the pet overpopulation. 

We makes difficult decisions every day about what to do with stray or unwanted pets. County residents can make a difference by choosing to be responsible pet owners.

Pets that are spayed or neutered make much better companions because they are more likely to live longer healthier lives, and they are less likely to roam about or mark their territory in undesirable places.

Voucher Program

The Animal Care & Control Department offers a Reduced Cost Spay/Neuter Program  providing financial assistance for County residents who choose to have their pets altered. For every rabies tag sold in St. Louis County, $1.00 is placed into a special account to fund this program.

We offer a voucher program that is like a coupon - it reduces the cost of the pet surgery, however, you will need to pay the remaining portion of the veterinary bill. Make sure that your veterinarian accepts our voucher when you make your pet's appointment for surgery. 


The voucher reduces the total cost of spaying or neutering by the following amounts:

  • Cat neuter $50
  • Cat spay $60
  • Dog neuter $70
  • Dog spay $80

Voucher Steps

You can pick up a voucher at the shelter.  Please bring with you proof of that you are a St. Louis County resident.  Also bring proof of a rabies vaccination, and proof of your pet's surgery appointment. That appointment must be scheduled and take place within 30 days of picking up the voucher.