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Saint Louis County Department of Health

Department of Public Health

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Address and Phone Information

Department of Public Health
6121 North Hanley Road
Berkeley, MO 63134
314 615-0600 (has after-hours coverage)

Please use the email addresses below to submit your questions or comments to the appropriate Department of Public Health staff.


General Comments [email protected]
Website-Related Correspondence [email protected]


Animal, Mosquito, and Rodent Control


Animal Care and Control [email protected]
Mosquito Control [email protected]
Rodent Control [email protected]


Birth and Death Certificates


Vital Records (Birth and Death Certificates) [email protected]


Diseases and Immunizations


Chronic Disease Surveillance [email protected]
Clinical Laboratory Information [email protected]
Communicable Disease Information [email protected]
Flu Information [email protected]
Sexually Transmitted Diseases [email protected]


Emergency Preparedness


Emergency Preparedness [email protected]


Environmental Health


General Environmental Health [email protected]
Air Pollution [email protected]
Asbestos [email protected]
Bridgeton and Westlake Landfills [email protected]
Coldwater Creek [email protected]
Environmental Laboratory [email protected]
Food Inspections [email protected]
Healthy Homes [email protected]
Lead Poisoning Prevention [email protected]
Noise Pollution [email protected]
Pool Inspections [email protected]


Food and Restaurants


Food Inspections [email protected]


Health Centers and Medical Services


Dental Services [email protected]
HIPAA [email protected]
Flu Information [email protected]
John C. Murphy Health Center [email protected]
North Central Community Health Center [email protected]
South County Health Center [email protected]
Patient Account Information [email protected]
Pharmacy [email protected]
Public Health Nursing [email protected]
WIC (Women, Infant & Children) [email protected]


Health Promotion, Information, and Data


Health Education [email protected]
Requests for Statistical Data [email protected]


Human Resources


Careers [email protected]
Internships [email protected]
Volunteers [email protected]


Medical Examiner


Medical Examiner [email protected]


Recycling and Waste Management


Recycling [email protected]
Waste, Permits, Etc. [email protected]