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Brochures and Booklets

Saint Louis County Health Center brochures

Three 3-fold brochures detailing services at each of our Health Centers. Includes maps.

A brochure summarizing many of the services of your County Health Centers and Environmental Services.

A brochure summarizing information about services at the Saint Louis County Chest Clinc.

Health Services for Saint Louis County Teens

A 3-fold brochure with information about health services available to teens.


Annual and Biennial Reports


Other Documents

2011 Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Status Report - St. Louis County, MO 2000

A 14-page report, produced by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/ Health Resources and Services Administration/ Community Health Status Indicators Project. Providing information for improving community health. 330 K.

Other Resources

County public health data from many sites is available on our health data page.

County Pollen and Mold Center is updated every working day with current readings from the County Environmental Health Laboratories. This is the source for what you see on the local evening weathercasts.

County air pollution data is online daily - for the whole County and for monitoring sites.