St. Louis County Homeless Programs

County Homeless Programs

Saint Louis County residents who are homeless or experiencing a housing crisis can seek assistance by calling the Emergency Shelter Hotline. The Hotline is a centralized intake and referral system that can be accessed by calling a single number 314-802-5444. The caller is interviewed by an intake specialist, and if in crisis, is referred to either emergency shelter or rent/mortgage/utility assistance. The Hotline is the result of a collaboration between the City of Saint Louis and Saint Louis County, who jointly fund the program.

Federal Emergency Solution Grant Funding Awards – FY 2016

Housing Resource Commission Awards
Contact Information

Homeless Hotline: 314-802-5444 

Toll Free: 866-802-7155

Hearing or Speech Impaired - RelayMO 711 or 800-735-2966

Helpful Information

  • While in shelter, clients work with a case manager who assists them with identification of their issues and problems and plans a course of action that will return them to permanent housing and independence. 
  • For individuals and families in need of cash assistance, we contract with social service agencies to assist with rent, mortgage, utility grants, conduct budgeting classes, teach landlord/tenant responsibilities, identify available affordable housing, and follow-up with families to prevent a housing crisis. 
  • Any individual living in shelter is eligible for mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence assessment and/or referral services. 
  • Children living in shelter are eligible for educational assessment services and transportation services.
Request For Proposals
Continuum of Care 2017 Application
Human Resource Council Agenda
Notice of Final Ranking For HUD 2013-2014 COC Application

The St. Louis County Continuum of Care (CoC) Rank & Review Committee has provided valuable and necessary input for evaluating projects submitted under the CoC Consolidated Plan Application (FY2013-2014) to the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for funding Homeless Services.

As Lead Agency for the Collaborative Applicant, the Department of Human Services determined final ranking of projects by considering the CoC input as well as the priorities of HUD. The HUD Opening Doors goals place high priority on 1) funding for Beds vs. Supportive Services and 2) high priority on funding for Permanent Housing vs. other housing categories.

The final ranking of projects in response to the 2013-2014 NOFA is as follows:

  1. Department of Mental Health- Places for People
  2. Employment Connection- Project Homecoming
  3. Salvation Army- Homes of Hope
  4. Salvation Army- Stratford Commons
Notice of Funds Availability for Continuum of Care Program
Posting of Completed HUD 2013-2014 CoC Application