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Saint Louis County Asbestos Permitting Fee Information

Asbestos Removal

  • Up to 1000 square feet or 1500 linear feet ... $106
  • 1001 - 5000 square feet or 1501 - 5500 linear feet ... $159
  • More than 5000 square feet or 5500 linear feet ... $212
  • Asbestos Inspection Fee ... $100

Saint Louis County Asbestos Forms

Writeable PDF forms are also available in the Saint Louis County Air Pollution Control Code under Saint Louis County Ordinance 612.530, Saint Louis County Department of Public Health Asbestos Abatement Rules and Regulations -- Registration, Notification and Performance Requirements.

Asbestos NESHAP Demolition Forms

Demolition Authorization Release Form

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Saint Louis County
Ari Yarovinskiy
(314) 615-8953

Saint Louis County
Joyce Fisher
(314) 615-7465

MDNR Jefferson City
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