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Environmental Dry Cleaners


All dry cleaning facilities in United States using perchloroethylene (PCE) are subject to MACT M, National Perchloroethylene Air Emission Standards for Dry Cleaning Facilities, which requires facilities to control PCE emissions and to track PCE usages. Controls include keeping lids on all PCE containing barrels, checking for leaks on all equipment, and properly disposing of waste sludge and filters. For a sample inspection form, click here.

All dry cleaning facilities in Saint Louis County using PCE are required to obtain construction and operating permits for dry cleaning machines. Construction permits are good for the life of the equipment, or until the equipment is moved, and must be applied for prior to installation at a facility. Operating permits are also valid for the life of the equipment unless the equipment is moved or ownership changes occur. Construction permit fees are $655, and operating permit fees are $218. Fees must be submitted at the time of application. Inspections occur annually at each facility, and inspection fees must be paid by December 31st of each year. Inspection fees are $114 per facility plus $22 per dry cleaning machine.

Construction/Operating Permits for Dry Cleaners:



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Important Notice:

As of July 28, 2008, all dry cleaning facilities using perchloroethylene (PCE) will have to abide by the 2005 amendments to MACT M, National Perchloroethylene Air Emission Standards for Dry Cleaning Facilities.

Notices of Compliance Status (NOCS) are also due by that date.

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