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Emissions Emissions Inventory Questionnaire

2011 Emissions Data for
Saint Louis County

All Emissions are Reported in Tons









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Saint Louis County sources of air emissions must submit an Emissions Inventory Questionnaire (EIQ) in accordance with 10 CSR 10-6.110, Submission of Emission Data, Emission Fees and Process Information.

Important Information EIQ Reporting

Starting with the 2011 EIQ reporting year the Missouri Department of Natural Resources will be handling all Emission Inventory Submittals. If you have further questions regarding this change please contact Stacy Allen at (573) 751-4817.

Due Dates:

  • EIQs submitted via MoEIS will be due May 1st.
  • All hard copy EIQs will be due on April 1st.
  • All payments are due on June 1st.

Reporting Frequency:

  • Part 70: Full report every year (unchanged)
  • Intermediate: Full report every three years on fixed cycle of 2011, 2014, etc., interim year full report if emissions change by five tons since last full report. Facilities will be eligible for reduced reporting in 2010 as long as emissions have not changed by five tons.
  • All others (Basic and Synthetic De minimis (NOP Dempal)): After first full report, reduced reporting unless emissions change by five tons. In emission year 2010 facilities will be eligible for reduced reporting unless your facility is a new facility or your facility's emissions have changed by five tons.

Saint Louis County reserves the right to require a full EIQ from any facility.

For more information visit MDNR's website at:


  • Effective immediately, all Saint Louis County sources should enter emission data directly into MoEIS, if possible.
  • You must call MDNR at 1-866-MOEIS4U (663-4748) to get a password for MoEIS to get started.

EIQ and Saint Louis County Emission and Inspection Fees

  • The MDNR emission fee is $40/ton (does not apply to ammonia, CO, or PM2.5). A check made payable to MDNR for emission fees must be submitted along with the EIQ by June 1st.
  • All Saint Louis County emission and inspection fees paid for the current reporting year in the previous fall/winter can be subtracted from the amount of MDNR EIQ fees owed.
  • Emission fees shall be assessed annually regardless of reporting frequency.


Source Fee Plus, Per Emission Point

De minimis source



Minor source



Major source