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Environmental Vapor Recovery

Saint Louis County gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs) are required to participate in the Stage I and Stage II Vapor Recovery programs, pursuant to 10 CSR 10-5.220, Control of Petroleum Liquid Storage, Loading and Transfer. This program was implemented to address the high concentrations of ground-level ozone in the area, and has proven to be very effective in reducing gasoline vapor emissions, which are ozone-forming volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Vapor Recovery program includes regular inspections, performance testing and permitting of GDFs, and the use of Missouri Performance Evaluation Testing Procedures (MOPETP) to test systems and individual components for vapor collection efficiencies and durability.

Permit Information

VR System Construction/Operating Permit Application
   and Instructions

Gas Pump

The Balance Stage II System employs a series of bellows and hoses to carry gasoline vapors from a vehicle’s gas tank back to the underground storage tank from which product is being pumped, preventing gasoline vapors from being released into the ambient air.

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