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Calendar Contest 2017 Healthy Living Poster and Calendar Contest

Click to download a 2017 Healthly Living Calendar.   

The Saint Louis County Department of Public Health sponsored a Healthy Living Poster/Slogan contest for County students in grades K-12 for a 2017 calendar. The purpose of the contest was to encourage students to spread messages to their peers that promote a healthy lifestyle. Posters could highlight any of the three following healthy choices:

  • Alcohol,tobacco, and drug free living
  • The importance of physical activity
  • The importance of healthy food choices every day

Students throughout Saint Louis County submitted entries for the contest. This calendar highlights the top 13 winning entries.

Thank you to the teachers, and school faculty who assisted in promoting the contest to students. The contest provides an opportunity for the Saint Louis County Department of Public Health to collaborate with schools throughout the County to promote healthy living. We would like to give a special thanks to all of the contest participants for their creative artwork and healthy living messages.

The Saint Louis County Department of Public Health offers:

  • Consultations and resources on health education for schools and community groups. For more information, please call (314) 615-0510.
  • Educational materials for health promotions, public events and festivals.
  • Information about all forms of tobacco use, healthy food choices and physical activity.

2017 Healthy Living Contest Winners:

Month Name School Age
Cover Michelle S. Kellison Elementary 10
January Neira D. Lindbergh High 15
February Hailey R. Hallsferry 9
March Jolin C. Kellison Elementary 6
April Hansitha T. Kellison Elementary 5
May Gabby H. Hallsferry 8
June Andra I. St. Mark's Lutheran 11
July Aalyce H. Hazelwood West High 17
August Sam I St. Mark's Lutheran 14
September Grace C. Kellison Elementary 7
October Hannah R. St. Mark's Lutheran 13
November Ngan D. Hazelwood West High 16
December Ava S. Sperreng Middle School 12

(Click on a month above to download the high resolution image.)

Winning Entry

Michelle S. (Age: 10)

Winning Entry

Neira D. (Age: 15)

Winning Entry

Hailey R. (Age: 9)

Winning Entry

Jolin C. (Age: 6)

Winning Entry

Hansitha T. (Age: 5)

Winning Entry

Gabby H.(Age: 8)

Winning Entry

Andra I. (Age: 11)

Winning Entry

Aalyce H. (Age: 17)

Winning Entry

Sam I. (Age: 14)

Winning Entry

Grace C. (Age: 7)

Winning Entry

Hannah R. (Age: 13)

Winning Entry

Ngan D. (Age: 16)

  Winning Entry

Ava S. (Age: 12)



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