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Handwashing 2012 Healthy Living Poster Contest

In 2012, the Saint Louis County Department of Health sponsored a Healthy Living Poster/Slogan Contest for County students in grades K-12. The purpose of the contest was to encourage students to spread messages to their peers that promote a healthy lifestyle. Posters could highlight any of the three following healthy choices:


alcohol, tobacco, and drug free living


the importance of physical activity


the importance of healthy food choices every day

Ten amazing entries were selected from the hundreds of submissions and the artwork was made into large posters to display in the schools and at community events around the County. Winning students were presented with their poster and a certificate of appreciation for their work. You can click on a poster title to see their amazing artwork.

Thank you to the teachers, school faculty, and D.A.R.E. officers who assisted in promoting the contest to students. The contest provides an opportunity for the Saint Louis County Department of Health to collaborate with schools throughout the county to promote Healthy Living. We would like to give a special thanks to all of the contest participants for their creative artwork and healthy living messages.

The Saint Louis County Department of Health offers:


Consultations and resources on health education for schools and community groups. Call (314) 615-0555 for more information.


Educational materials for health promotions, public events and festivals.


Information about all forms of tobacco use, healthy food choices and physical activity.

2012 Healthy Living Contest Winners:

Title Name School Grade
Eat Healthy Foods. Don’t Take Drugs Sophia Davis Hancock Place Elementary 1st Grade
To Do List Shane Shields Bierbaum Elementary 3rd Grade
This is no Joke,
Your Life is Not a Game
Rachael Sullivan Bristol Elementary 4th Grade
If You Want to Live All of the Four Seasons, Don’t Smoke! Gretchen Skoglund Webster Groves Computer School 5th Grade
Veggies and Fruits and Grains, Oh My Sydney Mitchell Bayless Intermediate 6th Grade
Smoking Hot…Not! Eric Sanchez Valley Park Middle School 6th Grade
Got Milk? Zoe Harris Salem Lutheran School 7th Grade
Alcoholism is Tough to Break Megan Gooden Rockwood Summit High School 9th Grade
Every Breath Closer to Death…
What Road Will You Take?
Sarah Zahari Rockwood Summit High School 9th Grade
Think Before You Act Jauquin O. Juvenile Detention Center 10th Grade

(Click on a title above to download the high resolution image.)

Winning Entry

“Eat Healthy Foods. Don’t Take Drugs”

Sophia Davis (1st Grade)

Winning Entry

“To Do List”

Shane Shields (3rd Grade)

Winning Entry

“This is no Joke,
Your Life is Not a Game”

Rachael Sullivan (4th Grade)

Winning Entry

“If You Want to Live All of the Four
Seasons, Don’t Smoke!”

Gretchen Skoglund (5th Grade)

Winning Entry

“Veggies and Fruits and Grains,
Oh My!!”

Sydney Mitchell (6th Grade)

Winning Entry

“Smoking Hot…Not!”

Eric Sanchez (6th Grade)

Winning Entry

“Got Milk?”

Zoe Harris (7th Grade)

Winning Entry

“Alcoholism is Tough to Break”

Megan Gooden (9th Grade)

Winning Entry

“Every Breath Closer to Death…
What Road Will You Take?”

Sarah Zahari (9th Grade)

  Winning Entry

“Think Before You Act”

Jauquin O. (10th Grade)



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