Recruitment Services

"Saint Louis County's per capita income is 135 percent of the national average and at $54,343, is about $12,500 higher than the metro area as a whole, almost $15,000 higher than St. Charles County and almost $19,000 higher than the State of Missouri as a whole.",
According to the Saint Louis County Department of Planning, 2008.

Missouri Career Centers - Saint Louis County - North Oaks established the Business Service Group to offer recruitment, employment and downsizing/layoff services to the business community. The main goal of the Group is to identify employment opportunities for our customers by establishing and maintaining long-term public/private business partnerships.

The Business Service Center is conveniently located on the fifth floor of World Trade Center, 121 South Meramec, in the heart of downtown Clayton. The Center is designed to meet the needs of the business community by offering a conference room that can accommodate up to 40 individuals and office space to interview/screen prospective employees at no cost. Complimentary parking is available.

Access to is the State of Missouri's premiere on-line search engine for locating quality employees. What sets this website apart from the crowd is two-fold. The fact that businesses can post job openings at no cost is one feature, but the added value comes from qualified staff that can pre-screen candidates. No other
on-line search can claim that distinction.

  • Registration with is at no cost to the employer.
    • Knowledgeable staff is available to train you on how to effectively and efficiently use this site.
    • No cost job postings.
    • Easy access to on-line resumes.

Facilitation of Customized Career Fairs

  • Staff to promote and manage your recruitment event.
  • Assistance marketing your event.
  • Knowledgeable staff to interview and screen prospective employees.

Facilities for On-Site Recruitment

In addition to our main facility at 26 North Oaks, there is a network that includes two locations and a satellite office strategically located throughout Saint Louis County to serve you.

  • Professional office settings with available parking.

Pre-Qualify Prospective Employees

Once identified, our staff can refer only pre-qualified candidates, thereby reducing expenses and increasing your profits.

  • Conduct computer-based skill assessments and training.
  • Invite only pre-screened, qualified candidates to your recruitment event.

Endorsements from Corporations/Businesses Who Have Successfully Collaborated with the Missouri Career Centers - Saint Louis County

"We had a wonderful experience working with the Missouri Career Center in Saint Louis County. Because of the response to our mass hire was so successful, we had the opportunity to refer qualified candidates to other stores throughout Saint Louis County.",
Bob Drish, District Administrator, Target Stores
"Professional Employment Group is honored to be awarded the Partnership Excellence Award from the Missouri Career Center. We value the partnerships we have made and truly appreciate the dedicated and committed staff members that make up your organization! With the fluctuating Unemployment Rates, it is essential that we stay ahead of recruiting challenges. We continually seek new and innovative ways of finding talented associates. It is essential that we find the most competitive way of staying connected with our candidate pool. The partnership with Missouri Career Centers has allowed us to centralize recruiting efforts and be more proactive in recruiting talented associates throughout the Saint Louis area.",
Betty Hamilton, Recruiter, Professional Employment Group
"With a significant branch expansion strategy, including plans to have 60 branches in the area by the end of this year, National City needed a process to identify qualified candidates. The Missouri Career Center has helped us with our online application process that ultimately helps us recruit additional, career-focused candidates.",
Chris Kemper, APR, External Communications, National City