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The role of the St. Louis County Solid Waste Management Program (SWMP) is to protect public health and the environment by encouraging greater diversion from landfill disposal and regulating the solid waste management system. The SWMP has two sections: Waste Diversion and Field Services.

The Waste Diversion Section provides education, technical assistance and grant funding for municipalities and other organizations to increase public awareness and participation in waste reduction programs. Such program initiatives include community outreach regarding recycling and proper solid waste management, community-based recycling and waste reduction grants, Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection program, local market development and industry incentive programs to achieve volume reduction in the solid waste stream. Voter approved surcharge fees received for waste disposed in St. Louis County landfills help to fund these initiatives.

For Waste diversion or recycling related questions, please contact us at:

Phone: (314) 615-8958 Email:
Information and special events line: (314) 615-8989

The Field Services Section enforces the County-wide Waste Management Code, Chapter 607. The Waste Code regulates the handling, storage, transportation and disposal of all solid waste, special waste, demolition waste, medical waste and recovered materials. This section licenses solid waste/recycling facilities and waste collection haulers and performs regular inspections to ensure compliance with regulatory and license requirements. In addition, citizen complaints regarding potential violations of the Waste Code are conducted on a routine basis.

For Permits, licensing, complaints or other field services-related issues, please contact us at:

Phone: (314) 615-4130

Public Works Property & Roads, Trash Districting

For information about the trash districting program, please visit the Trash District Collection and Recycling page or call (314) 615-HAUL (4285).