How Do I Get Trash and Recycling Service?
At Home


If waste collection service is reasonably available for an occupied premise an agreement shall be in effect for the collection of waste with a waste collection service having waste collection vehicles licensed by the Director for the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste. It shall be the responsibility of the owner of the premises and all adult occupants of the premises to assure that an agreement for the collection of waste is in effect (Waste Management Code 607.140).

The Saint Louis County Solid Waste Management Code requires weekly trash service. For one and two family households that service includes a “minimum level of service” of once weekly trash pickup, once weekly recycling pickup, and twice a year bulky item pickup. The hauler cannot provide less than those 3 services for one base price. Additional services can be added at additional fees.

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Residential Service
I live in a municipality. (Municipality Map) pdf

If you live in a municipality and are unsure who your trash service provider is, please contact your municipality. Most municipalities contract for waste collection service on behalf of their residents. In some municipalities, the residents can subscribe for waste collection service by contacting a licensed waste hauler.

I live in unincorporated Saint Louis County. 

Unincorporated Saint Louis County was divided into 8 trash districts that are serviced by haulers who competed and won the contract to service the district by having the lowest responsible bid. The Waste Code prohibits any other hauler, but the authorized district hauler, to service homes in the trash districts, unless it is in an area that “opted out” of the districting program.

The only exceptions to the trash service requirement are vacant houses and isolated locations that cannot be reasonably serviced by the authorized district waste hauler. Both cases must be verified by the Department of Public Health before an exemption is given. Contact 314-615-HAUL (4285) for more information.

To determine which district you live in, and other district details visit: Trash Districting

I live in an “Opt-Out” Subdivision. 

In opted out subdivisions, the residents may arrange for their own trash service or the subdivision may have an agreement with an exclusive hauler that complies with the minimum level of service. Please contact your subdivision board of trustees for details.

NOTE: When the unincorporated County Trash District program started, subdivisions were given a limited time frame to file paperwork if they did not wish to participate in the program. That option is no longer available. Subdivisions who wish to opt back in can do so by calling 314-615-HAUL (4285).

I don’t know if I live in a municipality or unincorporated Saint Louis County. 

Saint Louis County is a political unit separate from Saint Louis City. Saint Louis County is comprised of 88 municipalities and unincorporated Saint Louis County. In order to find out which waste hauling company services your area, you must know if you live in unincorporated Saint Louis County, one of the 88 municipalities, or an opt-out subdivision.

If you don’t know exactly which part of the county you reside, you can find out on the interactive revenue site.

  1. Under “Search By” you will click the address button and enter your house number followed by you’re the first few letters of your street name.
  2. Next you will click on the “Find” button. In the search results on the right, an address or addresses will appear.
  3. Find your particular address and click the “Locator ID” number for that record.

The ownership information for your property should now be displayed. Look at the “City Code” at the top.

  • If the code is a number greater than zero, you live in a municipality. Look at “City Code – Name” on the left side to identify the municipality.
    City Code            City Name Code
  • If the code is zero, you live in unincorporated Saint Louis. Check the Trash District No. to see the trash district in which you reside.
    City Code            Trash District No.
  • If your property code is zero and you see a trash district number followed by “Opted Out” you live in an opt-out subdivision.
    City Code            Trash District No.