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Since 1996, the Solid Waste Management Program has provided grants to help fund innovative and sustainable programs to improve waste diversion in St. Louis County. The grant project must occur in St. Louis County. Funding for the grant program comes from St. Louis County voter-approved landfill surcharge fees.

The 2020 Grant Round is Open

The Saint Louis County Department of Public Health Waste Management Program (DPH) is tasked with developing requirements and guidelines for grant programs to provide landfill surcharge dollars to municipalities. The 2020 Grant program is designed to encourage municipalities to seek assistance for improving residential recycling and waste diversion programs in their communities by simplifying the application process and streamlining the approach for receiving technical and financial assistance. The deadline for submittal is 5:00 p.m. April 24, 2020.

Listed below are instructions and applications for the 2020 Grant Round:

2018 Waste Diversion Grant Recipients

The City of Chesterfield purchased public space recycling bins and signage for their athletic fields expanding their public space recycling program to a new recreational area. They also started a backyard composting program by offering residents a compost bin, compost turner, and kitchen counter container.

The City of Brentwood collects trash and recycling for their residents. The grant purchased 65 gallon recycling carts to replace broken carts and encourage residents with 18 gallon bins to move to the larger recycling cart.

The City of Des Peres purchased Clear-Stream recycling containers to pair with every trash container at community events and to purchase a transporter for the clear streams.

The City of Hazelwood started a back yard composting program. Grant funding will pay for compost bins, rodent screens and education.

The City of Berkeley purchased indoor recycling containers for residents that will be given away at a large community event.

The City of Pine Lawn purchased Earth Bins for a back yard composting program.

The City of Beverly Hills held electronic recycling events throughout the year to collect electronics.

2017 Waste Diversion Grant Recipients

The City of Chesterfield purchased new recycle bins for their Amphitheater to increase recycling at their events.

The City of Hazelwood purchased mobile recycle bins to be used at their events throughout the year to increase recycling.

The City of University City purchased dumpsters and interior recycle bins for their Olive Blvd. Business District to increase commercial recycling.

The City of Webster Groves bought Earth Machines for interested residents that want to start composting at home.

Dressel Elementary in Lindbergh purchased rolling cabinets and shoe crates to collect clothes from students they can then donate to kids in need. As a new school opening that year, they also bought new recycle bins for their school to increase recycling.

Open Space Council purchased water bottles to be used at their yearly stream clean up event. By not buying single use plastic water bottles, they are reducing the amount of waste they generate at their event.

Operation Food Search purchased software updates for their computer systems to create long term sustainability for their food collection program.

Refab wanted to create new marketing strategies to increase awareness of what items can be donated to them and what can be sold at their store to reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill from construction and demolition.

St. Louis HELP - purchased advertising for their annual events that collect used home medical equipment such as wheel chairs, walkers and crutches. This equipment is distributed at no cost to the uninsured and under-insured.

Total Organics purchased bins, ran an education campaign, and collected food waste curbside in a collection pilot in Maryland Heights.

2016 Waste Diversion Grant Recipients

Brentwood Middle School - started a composting program to reduce waste sent to the landfill by 20%.

The City of Florissant - implemented an outreach campaign to improve residential recycling.

The Green Business Challenge - used grant funding to cover certification fees for St. Louis County businesses who participate in the challenge.

Operation Food Search - purchased tablets for food pantries to streamline and replace paper receipt and reporting processes for food donations.

St. Louis Recycling and Waste - purchased recycling carts to increase multi-family and commercial recycling in the Fenton area.

St. Louis HELP - purchased advertising for their annual events that collect used home medical equipment such as wheel chairs, walkers and crutches. This equipment is distributed at no cost to the uninsured and underinsured.

The St. Louis Teacher Recycling Center - opened a new “POD” in University City and hold teacher workshops. A POD is a location where teachers can pick up industrial scrap materials that would have been landfilled but are repurposed for use in art, math, and play.

Total Organics - promoted the composting of food waste and sponsor a community food waste collection service at the Ferguson Farmer’s Market.

W. W. Keysor Elementary School in Kirkwood - expanded their school composting program.

Please direct questions about the grant program to Ian Ashcraft at 314-615-7833 or [email protected]

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