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Healthy Families Saint Louis County

Great Childhoods Begin at Home

Healthy Families Saint Louis County (HFSLC) is part of Healthy Families America – a nationally-recognized, voluntary service that connects overburdened expectant parents and parents of newborns with free child development assistance in their homes.

Well-respected and extensively-trained assessment workers and home visitors provide valuable guidance, information, and support to help people be the best parents they can be.

With years of experience and an evidence base, we know that home visiting promotes optimal long-term mental and physical health for both parents and their children.

Who Do We Serve?

HFSLC serves families throughout St. Louis County. A family must be eligible for WIC or Medicaid and be expecting a child or have a child under 3 months of age. Families can continue to receive services until the child is 3 years old. (Some additional requirements apply; please contact us for more information.)

What Services Do We Provide?

All expectant parents and parents of newborns have common questions about their child’s development. Although a new baby is a welcome addition to the family, his or her arrival can also be a stressful time of transition. HFSLC staff receive extensive training to help provide answers on how to:

  • care for yourself during pregnancy;
  • create a safe home environment;
  • soothe a crying baby;
  • ensure a child is receiving the right nutrition; and
  • promote healthy child development and bonding.
Staff also provide educational materials and information about postpartum care.


Healthy Families Saint Louis County – It Works!

Increases Knowledge of Child Development
HFSLC parents learn about infant child care, nutrition, and effective positive discipline.

Improves Family Health
HFSLC improves parents’ access to medical services, leading to a higher number of well-baby visits and higher immunization rates. HFSLC also helps increase the number of families that breastfeed, which is linked to many benefits for both babies and moms.

Supports a Quality Home Environment
HFSLC parents begin reading to their children at an earlier age, are more likely to provide them with learning materials, and are more involved in their children’s activities.

Improves Parenting Attitudes
HFSLC families show positive changes in their perspectives on parenting roles and responsibilities.

Promotes Positive Parent-Child Interaction
HFSLC parents demonstrate better communication with, and responsiveness to, their children - an important factor in promoting the social and emotional readiness needed for a child to enter school.

Prevents Child Abuse and Neglect
HFSLC has a significant impact on preventing the mistreatment of children.

How Do We Ensure Quality?

HFSLC site accreditation is based on a stringent set of 12 critical elements that are grounded in 20 years of research. The process involves an in-depth examination of each site’s operation as well as the quality of the home visit services being provided.

Well-Trained Staff

HFSLC assessment staff and home visitors are highly trained and respected members of the community.

  • All HFSLC staff receive highly-specialized training.
  • The staff at the Saint Louis County Department of Public Health includes registered nurses for home visits and certified community health workers for assessments.

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Healthy Families Saint Louis Healthy Families Saint Louis County services are housed in the North Central Community Health Center at 4000 Jennings Station Road, 63121. Please call 314-679-7880 for more information