Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Common Questions

1Why is the battery level not displayed on my radio? 
     The batteries ability to report the ‘fuel gauge’ is associated with the reconditioning process. A battery that is not reconditioned every 4-6 weeks will not report its charge status to the radio though it will still report a low battery alarm when it reaches 10% of capacity. It is very important to note that the 12-volt “Pocket” charger installed in vehicles do not perform the recondition function so batteries that live in these chargers are more susceptible to this condition. A fully charged battery from a vehicle charger might need to be forced to be reconditioned in a desktop charger by re-inserting the battery within 2 seconds of removal.

2. What happens to batteries that are stored for a long time?
    A fully charged battery will lose approximately 5% of its charge in two weeks if not put back on a charger.  Truthfully that is a very low number with regard to spare battery maintenance.

3. This radio does not change channels when it is off, is it programmed wrong?    
    The radio is programmed to power up on the last zone and channel.  This is a safety feature that brings the radio back to the same channel and zone in case it is accidentally turned off.  Note that if you experience an issue in communicating, check to make sure that the radio is on the correct channel by looking at the display and not just the channel selector.

4.  What are the Municipal Abbreviation Codes?
     The three character abbreviations are used in the radio aliasing for many of our users.  The abbreviations can be found by clicking here.



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