Get Prepared | St. Louis County Schools

Like individuals and families, schools, and daycare providers should all have site-specific emergency plans.

Ask about plans at the places where your family spends the most time: work, school and other places you frequent. If none exist, consider volunteering to help develop one. You will be better prepared to safely reunite your family and loved ones during an emergency if you think ahead, and communicate with others in advance.

For more information on working together, visit Citizen Corps.

Schools and Daycare

If you are a parent, or guardian of an elderly or disabled adult, make sure schools and daycare providers have emergency response plans.

  • Ask how they will communicate with families during a crisis.

  • Ask if they store adequate food, water and other basic supplies.

  • Find out if they are prepared to "shelter-in-place" if need be, and where they plan to go if they must get away.

For more information on developing emergency preparedness plans for schools, please visit the U.S. Department of Education's Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS).

School administrators may download a sample plan to adapt for their own use.

Once you have completed your plan, please email an electronic copy to the St. Louis County OEM.