Message from the Director

On behalf of the Academy Board of Managers, I would like to welcome you to the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy web site. The St. Louis CMPA has always prided itself in being at the forefront of law enforcement training. We have embraced new technologies whenever it appeared that doing so would help us to better meet our commitments to member agencies or to make it possible to offer new services or assist agencies outside our normal service area. When it was established, this site was one of the first police academy sites to utilize the possibilities offered by the World Wide Web. Since then it has become a central point for communicating with the many departments, municipalities and officers we serve, as well as being a popular stopping point for citizens who want to know more about their police services.

We hope that you will check out the many features designed to make this site a useful tool. Check the Basic Training pages for Police Recruit Basic class dates. Take a look at the Continuing Education pages and our new searchable Course Catalog with downloadable flyers and a simple and very efficient online registration system. The Admission Requirements and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages will lead you to answers to an number of common questions, including information about the Basic Curriculum, PT Testing requirements, POST requirements for Police Basic Training and Continuing Education - with links - and maps and directions to the CMPA and to area hotels.

For those interested in the governance of the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy, we have a page with the names and department affiliations of our Board of Managers, along with photographs and contact information. We have also included current versions of our Mission Statement and Bylaws.

For a quick introduction to CMPA Recruit Basic Training, take a look at the streaming version of The New Academy Challenge introductory video. And for new recruits, there is an online Learning Skills Development section.

We are always working on ways of making this site more timely, more useful and more accessible to all of our many users. Your comments are welcome. Contact us at the e-mail links, addresses or phone numbers listed at the bottom or left side of each page.


Lt. David Price, Director

St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy

1266 Sutter Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63133-1934

Voice: (314) 889-8600

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