Family Court of St. Louis County

501 South Brentwood (Family Court Center) and

105 South Central Avenue (Courts Building)

Clayton, MO 63105

General Information Telephone Number: 314-615-4400

Fax Telephone Number: 314-615-4477

TTY Telephone Number: 314-615-5889

Office Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Honorable Thea A. Sherry, Administrative Judge

Ben Burkemper, Court Administrator

Jeff Osburg Director, Court Programs

Cheryl Campbell Director, Detention Center

Deborah Woodside Director, Delinquency Services

Clifford Faddis Manager, Human Resources

Marshall Day Director, Operations

Cynthia Harcourt Director, Legal Department

Carol Bader Director, Child Protective Services

Judicial Divisions
Hon. Thea A. Sherry
Division 5, FC Docket 2

Hon. Douglas R. Beach Division 6, FC Docket 10

Hon. David Lee Vincent, III Division 9, FC Docket 5

Hon. Kristine Kerr
Division 14, FC Docket 15

Hon. Mary B. Schroeder Division 32, FC Docket 14

Hon. Jason D. Dodson
Division 33, FC Docket 13

Hon. John R. Essner
Division 37, FC Docket 9

Hon. Dennis N. Smith
Division 40, FC Docket 6 & 7

Hon. Robert M. Heggie
Division 42, FC Docket 8

Hon. Diane M. Monahan Division 61, FC Docket 4

Hon. Heather R. Cunningham
Division 62, FC Docket 1

Hon. Victoria Mullen McKee Division 64, FC Docket 11

Hon. Margaret T. Donnelly Division 65, FC Docket 12




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