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The forms listed below can be used by attorneys and litigants for cases filed in the 21st Judicial Circuit. Not all forms used by the court will be made available on the Internet. Be advised that some forms, require more than one copy to be filed. It is your responsibility to provide the court with the appropriate number of copies.

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The Dissolution of Marriage Forms Package for Self-Represented Litigants includes the following forms and brief instructions for completing them:

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (Form CAFC001)
  • Certificate of Dissolution (Form CAFC065)
  • Income and Expense Statement (Form CAFC050)
  • Statement of Property and Proposed Separation Agreement (Form CAFC040)
  • Respondent's Answer to Petitioner's Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (Form CAFC010)
  • Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage (Form CAFC070)
  • Filing Information Sheet (Form CAFC067)
  • Parenting Plan (Form CAFC501)

    Important Note:

    Forms must be printed one form per page.  The Circuit Clerk's Office will not accept forms that are printed on both sides of the page.  See Local Court Rule 3.2.

    Please Note:

    These forms are approved for use in St. Louis County Circuit Court - 21st Judicial Circuit. The forms may not necessarily be approved for use in other Missouri Circuit Courts. To provide excellent customer service, some services and programs listed on this page are provided by St. Louis County and some by the State of Missouri or other agency.
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    Associate Civil

    Circuit Civil




    Court Division Description
    Family Court Adult Name Change
    Affidavit for Termination of Child Support
    Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity
    Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem
    Child Custody Evaluation Order
    Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage
    Child Custody and Support Judgment
    Confidential Case Filing Information Sheet - Domestic Relations Cases
    Dissolution Affidavit
    Dissolution Judgment with Children
    Dissolution Judgment without Children

    Dissolution of Marriage Package for Self-Represented Litigants ----------------------------------------- Instructions on Filing a Self-Represented Dissolution

    Domestic Relations Referral Form
    Entry of Appearance & Acknowledgement of Obligation to Comply with the Supreme Court Standards for Guardians Ad Litem
    Father's Petition for Declaration of Paternity for Self-Represented Litigants (CAFC301)
    Form 14 - Child Support Amount Calculation Worksheet
    Income Withholding for Support
    Information Statement for Collection & Disbursement of Maintenance & Support
    Judgment/Order For Appointment of Parenting Coordinator
    Legal Separation Judgment with Children
    Legal Separation Judgment without Children
    Mandatory Document Exchange Compliance Form
    Memorandum of Compliance
    Model Contract for Parenting Coordination
    Modification Judgment with Children
    Modification Judgment without Children
    Motion for Family Access Order
    Mother's Petition for Declaration of Paternity for Self-Represented Litigants (CAFC302)
    Notice of Hearing
    Notice of Hearing for Name Change
    Parenting Plan
    Parenting Plan Addendum - College Expenses
    Parenting Plan Addendum - Extraordinary Medical Expenses
    Parenting Plan Addendum - Other Extraordinary Expenses
    Parenting Plan Addendum - Tax Exemptions
    Parenting Plan Addendum - Vision Insurance
    Paternity Affidavit
    Paternity Judgment with Children
    Paternity Judgment without Children
    Presumed Father's Petition For Declaration of Non-Paternity for Self-Represented Litigants (CAFC303)
    Property Worksheet for Contested Dissolutions
    Psychological Evaluation Order
    Request for Publication after Judgment of Change of Name for Adult
    Request for Publication after Judgment of Change of Name for Child
    Settlement Conference Notice
    Statement of Income and Expenses
    Statement of Property

    Domestic Violence



    Court Division Description
    Juvenile Entry of Appearance


    Court Division Description
    Small Estates/Refusals of Letters Affidavit For Collection Of Small Estate
    Affidavit on Debts Claimed on Affidavit for Collection of a Small Estate
    Application of Creditor for Refusal of Letters
    Application of Surviving Spouse for Refusal of Letters
    Application of Unmarried Minor Child(ren) for Refusal of Letters
    Application to Amend Order Refusing Letters
    Corporate Surety Bond (Creditor's Refusal)
    Corporate Surety Bond (Small Estate)
    Decedent Application For Probate Of Will
    Commission Request
    Consent To Attorney Fees
    Consent of Designated Agent
    Consent to Independent Administration
    Consent To Personal Representative Fees
    Corporate Surety Bond (Decedent Estate)
    Designation of Resident Agent - Deceased
    Exhibit A - Heirs
    Exhibit B - Legatees
    Order to Enter and Inventory Safe Deposit Box
    Petition for Letters Of Administration
    Petition for Letters Of Administration-CTA
    Petition for Letters Testamentary
    Petition for Determination of Heirship
    Petition to Open and Inventory Safe Deposit Box
    Record of Deposit of Will
    Renunciation of Right to Admin. & Nomination of Person to Admin.
    Waiver of Statutory Requirements - Statement of Account
    Guardian/Conservator/Minor Agreement of Depository for Deposit of Funds in Restricted Account (Dispensing with Conservatorship)
    Checklist of Documents Required for Guardianship
    Conservatorship of Minor Packet
    Exhibit B - Minor
    Exhibit C - Designation/Acceptance of Resident Agent
    Exhibit D - Parent's Waiver of Right to be Appointed Conservator
    Exhibit E - Selection of Conservator by Minor and Waiver of Service
    Exhibit C - Consent of Parent to Appointment of Guardian
    Exhibit D - Waiver of Service of Summons
    Exhibit E - Waiver of Service of Summons and Nomination of Guardian by Child 14 Years of Age or Older
    Exhibit F - Consent of the MO Children's Division to Guardianship

    Exhibit G - Request for Personal Service of Summons
    Exhibit H - Application for Order of Publication in Guardianship Proceedings
    Exhibit I - Order for Publication of Notice
    Exhibit J - Confirmation of Petitioner's Request for Guardianship Suitability Study
    Exhibit K - Financial Statement of Proposed Guardian
    Family Tracking Sheet
    Guardian's Annual Report - Minor
    Guardianship Packet
    Licensed Child Placing Agencies for Guardianship Suitability Studies
    Obtaining Guardianship of Minors - Policies, Procedures and FAQs
    Petition for Appointment of Conservator of Minor
    Petition for Appointment of Guardian of Minor
    Petition for Order to Dispense with Conservatorship
    Request for Child Abuse or Neglect/Criminal Record
    Request for Search of Putative Father Registry
    Suggestions of Required Inquiries for an Affidavit of Due and Diligent Search
    Guardian/Conservator/Adult Corporate Surety Bond (Conservatorship)
    Exhibit B - Adult
    Exhibit C - Consent to Appointment
    Exhibit D - Designation/Acceptance of Resident Agent
    Exhibit E - List of Prospective Witnesses
    Exhibit F - Physician's Answers to Interrogatories
    Guardian/Conservator of Adult Packet
    Guardian's Annual Report - Adult
    Info for Proposed Guardians
    Petition For Appointment of a Guardian and Conservator
    General Affidavit of Service
    Agreement of Depository for Deposit of Funds in Limited Access Account
    Annual Conservator's Report
    Confidential Filing Information Sheet
    Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Service of Notice
    Exhibit A - Financial Statement
    Inventory and Appraisement Form
    Motion and Affidavit in Support of Request to Proceed as a Poor Person
    96 Hour Hold Packet
    Petition for Authorization to Obtain Medical Records
    Refund Request - Publication Costs
    Report in Lieu of Settlement
    Settlement Corrections Submission
    Trust Registration Statement
    Waiver of Interested Party
    Filing Requirement Checklists Affidavit for Collection of Small Estate
    Annual Settlements
    Application for Probate Will
    Application for Refusal of Letters - Creditor
    Application for Refusal of Letters - Spouse
    Application for Refusal of Letters - Unmarried Minor
    Approval of Annual Settlements
    Filing Inventory
    Final Conservatorship - Order Dispensing
    Final Sett Death, Removal, Resignation
    Final Supervised Decedent Estate
    Majority & Restoration
    Orders of No Further Process
    Petition for Appointment Conservator Minor
    Petition for Appointment Guardian Conservator Adult
    Petition for Appointment Guardian Conservator Minor
    Petition for Appointment Guardian Minor
    Petition for Letters Administration
    Petition for Letters Testamentary
    Petition to Determine Heirs
    Petition to Require Administration
    Processing Statement of Account
    Request for Authorization to Obtain Medical Records
    Settlement to Death of Ward
    Trust Matters
    Will Only for Decedent - No Further Administration


    Small Claims


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