ECC System User Policies and Guidelines

The information published on these ECC pages was valid at the time of publication.  The ECC reserves the right to make changes and improvements at any time without notice, and assumes no liability for any damages incurred directly or indirectly, as a result of errors, omissions or discrepancies.  Original signature copies of the policies listed below are kept on file with the ECC Custodian of Records-Stephanie Politte.  She can be reached at 314-615-2571 or 1150 Hanna Road, Ballwin, Missouri 63021

Radio Systems Policy

Policy 05-01 Radio System Audio Patch/Gateway Interoperability

Policy 05-02 Interim Cache Radio Usage

Policy 05-03 Subscriber Radio Features

Policy 05-04 Talkgroup Creation Request and Custodian Assignment

Policy 05-05 Booster and In-Building Amplifier Installation and Use

Coverage Enhancement Policy

Policy 4-14 Overview Statement 

Policy 16-08 Outdoor Warning Siren Policy 

Policy 16-06 Standardization of LE Codeplug/Radios

Policy 16-07 PSAP Main Channel Dispatch Policy 

Law Enforcement User Guide 2016 V4