St. Louis County Police
Office of Emergency Management

The mission of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is to work with the whole community to build, sustain and improve our capacity to mitigate, prepare, respond and recover from all hazards.

The unit operates from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), a uniquely designed self-contained structure.  Exterior of the Emergency Operations CenterIn the event of disaster, the facility is able to function independent of all common utilities. The OEM is tasked with preparing members of local government, law enforcement, and the public and private sectors, with how to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. The OEM staff coordinates and interacts with many public and private sector planning commissions and groups in order to be better prepared in the event of a disaster. The OEM staff works in concert with Missouri's State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), ensuring that the interests of residents of St. Louis County are well addressed.

County Emergency Operations Plan

In addition, an important function of the Office of Emergency Management is the maintenance of the St. Louis County Basic Emergency Operations Plan. 

Radio Communications in Emergencies

An extensive radio communications operation is a focal point of the Center.Interior of the Operations Center Its significance is at the forefront during times of local disaster when it is imperative to bring the needed resources together to face a common challenge.

Severe Weather Warning

Training is provided to the general public regarding severe weather and how best to identify their onset and the proper precautions in that event. A full-time staff is assigned to maintain the integrity, operation, and maintenance of 195 outdoor early warning sirens. Because the outdoor warning sirens are designed to be heard outside, we also recommend the use of weather radios in homes and business.

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

In accordance with State law and County ordinance, the OEM coordinates all activities of the St. Louis County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) in training, planning and responding to hazardous materials issues and concerns, i.e. storage of chemicals, and the response to and recovery from chemical spills and releases. The OEM works hand-in-hand with the St. Louis County Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team (HMERT) by providing training and funding for equipment purchases.

OEM Associations

The OEM interacts, on a daily basis, with many governmental and non-governmental agencies to ensure seamless integration during disaster response. Those associations include: