Judge Jess W. UllomThe Honorable Jess W. Ullom

Judge Jess W. Ullom, was appointed in 1992 by St. Louis County Executive George R. (Buzz) Westfall, to serve as Municipal Division Judge of the St. Louis County Municipal Court, West Division.

Judge Ullom graduated from St. Louis University Law School in 1973 and since that time he has been in private practice, representing individuals and small businesses, primarily on litigation matters. Judge Ullom taught high school geometry and calculus for four years while attending law school.

Judge Ullom obtained a landmark jury verdict and an appellate decision in a civil rights suit, three other appellate decisions that set new precedents in the law and a major jury verdict in a medical malpractice suit. Judge Ullom is occassionally asked to speak to groups about the special experience that he had in appearing before the United States Supreme Court in 1989.

Judge Ullom is actively involved in the Missouri Municipal and Associate Circuit Judges Association as a director and speaker since 1989 and served as president from 1997-1998.

Judge Ullom lives in rural West St. Louis County with his wife, Donna, and their three boys whom he credits with keeping him laughing and feeling young.