Central County (2nd) Precinct

Also serving the Cities of Hanley Hills, Pasadena Hills, Vinita Terrace, Uplands Park and Norwood Court

Message from Captain Guy Means

photo of Captain Means

I write to remind you of steps you can take to help prevent crime and support the efforts of The St.Louis County Police Department.

Overall, crime in the Central County Precinct continues trending downward. The St.Louis County Police continue to expand traditional patrols with officers assigned to patrol sectors. St.Louis County Police Officers remain highly flexible to meet community expectations to safeguard our citizens.The St. Louis County Police continues to work in close partnership with the Villages of Hanley Hills, VinitaTerrace, Pasadena Hills, Norwood Court, and Uplands Park. A new Citizen's Police Academy class will begin this Spring.

Also, I'd like to bring to your attention recent phone scams that have targeted people locally and nationally. Both St.Louis County Police and Federal Agencies have received reports of these scams. If you receive a call from someone you don't know who is trying to sell you something you hadn't planned to buy or is looking for information you are uncomfortable providing, say " No Thanks", and hang up the phone. If they pressure you about sending money or providing personal information - such as your creditt card or Social Security number - it's likely a scam. The IRS, for example, would never ask for your Social Security number over the phone. Also, never give bank account or credit card information. If you receive a call like this, hang up and report it to the police.

Please contact us immediately if you observe any suspicious behavior, or to report a crime. Call the St. Louis County Police at 314-889-2341 when you experience or witness a crime.


Our best wishes!




Central County Precinct Goals

  • Provide the public with reasonable and efficient access to public services.
  • Be responsive to calls and identified needs for police services within the precinct 24 hours a day.
  • Allocate personnel to obtain maximum utilization of its human resources to meet identified needs.
  • Provide staff services for the traditional line functions of the police.
  • Maintain a proactive approach toward crime and disorder.
  • Identify criminal activity and act to resolve it.
  • Maintain activities to facilitate the orderly flow of people and vehicles within the community.
  • Maintain positive interaction with the public and a high degree of visibility within the community.

Captain Guy Means, Commander [Contact]

Precinct Station
Precinct Station
1333 Ashby Road
St. Louis, MO 63132 [Map]
(314) 567-9926

City of Hanley Hills Police Station
7713 Utica Drive 63133 [Map]
(314) 726-4632
[City of Hanley Hills Information]

City of Norwood Court City Hall Station
7600 Lammert Lane 63121 [Map]
(314) 382-8176
[City of Norwood Court Information]

City of Pasadena Hills Police Station
3915 Roland Boulevard 63121 [Map]
(314) 381-2266
[City of Pasadena Hills Website]

Village of Uplands Park Station
6390 Natural Bridge Road 63121 [Map]
(314) 383-1856
[Village of Uplands Park Information]

Village of Vinita Terrace City Hall Station
8027 Page Avenue 63130 [Map]
(314) 427-4488
[Village of Vinita Terrace Information]

Join our N.E.W.S alert

Neighborhood Email Warning System

You ask, what is “N.E.W.S”? This is the Neighborhood E-mail Warning System.  Anytime there is a rash of criminal offenses that you or your family needs to be alerted to in your neighborhood or a surrounding neighborhood, you will receive an e-mail alert from the St. Louis County Police Department's, Central County Precinct's, Neighborhood Policing Unit.

In addition, you will receive quarterly newsletters updating you, regarding the activities in your precinct, such as the citizen police academy, town hall meetings, and any other meetings, involving the Police Department.  

What we need is your E-mail address, the subdivision you reside in, and your name.  Your name, E-mail address, and the subdivision where you reside, are essential to distributing this important information. 

Contact your Neighborhood Policing Officers via E-mail, to be added to your subdivision’s contact list.  Please contact one of the officers below to join, ITS FREE!

      P.O. Janet Nisbet at JNisbet@stlouisco.com 
 or call 314-567-9926.


Precinct Boundary Map

Central County Precinct Map
Open a map of the CentralCounty Precinct, including boundaries, major highways, municipality names, and surrounding communities.

St. Louis County Police Department
7900 Forsyth Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63105

Emergency Calls: Call 911
Non-Emergency Reporting / General Information: (314) 889-2341
TDD: (314) 889-2345

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Report Crime ... Make the Call

If you see a crime in progress or another emergency situation that requires an immediate police response, call 911. Provide the call-taker with a good description of the incident, the offender, and the exact location.

For non-emergencies, however, do not call 911. Non-emergency calls to 911 can slow the response time to true emergencies. The number to call for non-emergencies is (314) 889-2341.