Affton Southwest (3rd) Precinct

West County Precinct  Building
Also serving the Village of Marlborough, the Town of Grantwood Village, the City of Green Park, and the Village of Wilbur Park

Captain's Message

photo of Captain DierkesGreetings,
Thanks to the collaborative effort between all of you and the St. Louis County Police Department we have seen an overall decrease in our crime rates here in Affton over the last quarter. We saw a 15.8% decrease in crime in the 4th quarter of 2014 compared to the 3rd quarter of 2014. Due to the cold weather we have been experiencing lately we continue to see an increase in stolen vehicles. 85% of all the vehicles stolen so far in 2015 have been left unattended while residents are warming them up. Please secure your vehicle and possessions inside your vehicle when you are not around. Don’t become a victim of a crime of opportunity. 

We want to encourage residents to participate in the Neighborhood Watch Program. This program allows residents to get to know their neighbors and at the same time keep their neighborhoods safe. Residents and the police department work together to disseminate information and crime trends to deter crime. Please contact the Neighborhood Policing Unit at (314) 638-5550 for more information.

With warmer weather approaching so does the amount of children playing outside. Please be aware while you’re driving and be cognizant of children playing in the area.

I want to encourage all residents, if you see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood or anywhere in the precinct, please call 911 to report it immediately.

Captain Christopher Stocker, Commander [Contact]

Precinct Station
9928 Gravois Road
St. Louis, MO 63123 [Map]
(314) 638-5550

Village of Marlborough Police Station
7826 Wimbledon Drive 63119 [Map]
(314) 962-5055
[Village of Marlborough Website]

Town of Grantwood Village City Hall
1 Missionary Ridge 63123 [Map]
(314) 842-4409
[Town of Grantwood Village Website]

City of Green Park City Hall
11100 Mueller Road, Suite 6, 63123 [Map]
(314) 894-7336
[City of Green Park Website]

Village of Wilbur Park
PO Box 4339 63123 [Map]
[Village of Wilbur Park Website]

Affton Southwest Precinct Goals

  • Provide the public with reasonable and efficient access to public services.
  • Be responsive to calls and identified needs for police services within the precinct 24 hours a day.
  • Allocate personnel to obtain maximum utilization of its human resources to meet identified needs.
  • Provide staff services for the traditional line functions of the police.
  • Maintain a proactive approach toward crime and disorder.
  • Identify criminal activity and act to resolve it.
  • Maintain activities to facilitate the orderly flow of people and vehicles within the community.
  • Maintain positive interaction with the public and a high degree of visibility within the community.

Speeding/Traffic Related Complaints?

If you are having speed/traffic related concerns in your area please contact the Affton Southwest Precinct at (314) 638-5550. When you call please ask to speak with a Neighborhood Policing Officer. If we are not in the office please leave your name, telephone number and concern and we will get back with you as soon as possible. We have several methods for verifying speed/traffic complaints that we can utilize, including radar trailers and Officers running radar. If the location has a verified speeding/traffic complaint we will add that location to our list of enforcement areas which the officers monitor everyday during their shifts.

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Precinct Boundary Map

Affton Southwest Precinct Map
Open a map of the Affton Southwest Precinct, including boundaries, major highways, municipality names, and surrounding communities.

St. Louis County Police Department
7900 Forsyth Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63105

Emergency Calls: Call 911
Non-Emergency Reporting / General Information: (314) 889-2341
TDD: (314) 889-2345

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Report Crime ... Make the Call

If you see a crime in progress or another emergency situation that requires an immediate police response, call 911. Provide the call-taker with a good description of the incident, the offender, and the exact location.

For non-emergencies, however, do not call 911. Non-emergency calls to 911 can slow the response time to true emergencies. The number to call for non-emergencies is (314) 889-2341.