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Serial Burglars

Posted 1 years 141 days ago ago by Sebek, David


CRIME: Burglary 1st Degree


AREA: Sector 3


(Area of Butler Hill/ Kerth)


On September 4th at approximately 4 pm, a residence was burglarized.  During the time of the burglary, the homeowner was at home and inside of the residence. 


The victim advised responding officers that she heard a knock on her front door and observed an African-American male at the door and a blue vehicle backed into the driveway.  The victim stated that she did not open the front door and then witnessed the male go back and retrieve something from the vehicle.  Moments later, a loud bang happened as the back door of the residence was kicked in. 


The victim stated she observed the vehicle being backed into her garage, probably by a second suspect, as one suspect was already inside of the house.  The victim was scared and hid as the suspect(s) were opening drawers and searching the house. 


The victim was seen by the suspect as he entered the master bedroom.  Upon seeing the victim, the suspect fled.


The victim describes the following info for suspect/ suspect vehicle:


Suspect:  Black Male, 20-25 years old, clean shaven, dreadlocked hair style

Vehicle: Dark blue minivan “OR” Older style SUV (similar to Jeep Cherokee) 



This vehicle was seen by a neighborhood watch member on Peyton Place Ct., a nearby neighborhood, just before this crime occurred. 

This witness described the vehicle as a blue, older model Ford Explorer, occupied by 3 black males, backed into a neighbor’s driveway.   This witness stated that he approached the van and was asked by one of the males if he needed any yard work done.  The witness stated he did not, and the vehicle left the area.



On 8-18-13, a similar burglary was reported in the area of WEBER TRAIL/ WEBER RD.

  • The witness observed a dark gray Ford Explorer backed into the driveway of the victim's residence at approximately 3:00 PM. 
  • The witness stated that the Explorer was occupied by four black males.  She stated that she observed two of the males going in and out of the residence while 2 remained in the SUV. 

She stated that driver was the only suspect that she was able to give a description of. 

  • He was described as being 20-30 years of age, approximately 5'10", and was a light skinned black male.  The witness stated that his hair was pulled back into a ponytail (possibly a dreadlock ponytail).



Sunset Hills has also had reports of the same types of incidents, in which the suspect vehicle (Minivan or Jeep Cherokee) will be backed into a driveway for ease of loading goods and/or escape. 


  • Witnesses that have encountered these suspects reported that they will ask if any yard work is needed. 
  • They have also told witnesses that they are in yard landscape construction and ask if any projects need to be done.




:: Reminders for Watch Members ::


Please be vigilant in watching.

Immediately call 911.

Have no contact with these individuals, just call police.  They will flee the area if confronted.

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