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Oct 29 2013

St. Louis County Police Offer Halloween Safety Tips

For Immediate Release


The St. Louis County Police Department would like to remind citizens that during times of high pedestrian and vehicle traffic, such as Halloween night, they should remain cautious and aware while enjoying their Halloween activities. The following tips can be useful to follow to ensure a safe and happy Halloween night:

DRIVE SLOWLY – For those driving to activities after dark, please be aware of heavy pedestrian traffic due to trick-or-treating activity. Children get caught up in all of the fun of Halloween and often forget about even the basics of safety.

STAY IN LIGHTED AREAS AND STAY TOGETHER – Remind your children to stay in large groups. Large groups provide safety in numbers. In all situations, lighted areas provide a safety measure allowing others to see you and for you to see your surroundings. Trick-or - treaters should only go to homes with the front porch light activated with the owners expecting visitors.

BE KEENLY AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS – Whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, there is going to be a lot of activity around you. Keep your eyes open and expect the worst. Do not take risks.

PARENTS, WATCH YOUR CHILDREN – As noted earlier, children get caught up in all the fun and forget safety precautions. Everyone is in costume, and it can be hard to differentiate one child from the next. Stay organized, stay together and stay alert.

“We offer Halloween Safety Centers and extra patrol throughout every precinct on Halloween night,” said St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch. “We want to do our part to provide the family and neighborhood atmosphere that every Halloween allows, but most importantly, we want our citizens safe.”

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