Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit to fish in a St Louis County Park?

If you are 16 years old to 64 years old you will need a State fishing license - MDC Fishing Permit Info. St. Louis County Parks also offers some unique fishing opportunities. During the winter months, Suson Park and Tilles Park lakes are stocked with rainbow trout. Special regulations apply and a trout stamp is required to keep trout when regulations allow for possession of trout at these locations. Lone Elk Park offers a catch and release opportunity in the spring and fall. Fishing is allowed by reservation only and no live or prepared bait is allowed. Bank fishing is not allowed. Reservations may be made by calling 314-615-4386. The fee for fishing at Lone Elk Park is $30 per day (2 people in a boat provided by the park).

Why are there high grass areas or areas not mowed in County Parks as often as in the past?

The areas you refer to in our parks were part of our budget reduction. We now zone mow areas in our parks, which means they get mowed less frequently than high use areas. High public use areas such as shelters, restrooms, playgrounds, ball fields and trails will be mowed on a weekly / regular basis, weather permitting.

Are boat motors allowed on Creve Coeur Lake?

Only electric trolling motors are permitted. Gasoline motors may be attached to boats, but may not be used without specific written authorization granted for special events and activities, and / or where emergency rescue is deemed necessary.

Am I allowed to swim in Creve Coeur Lake (or any other lake, river or stream that St. Louis County Parks own)?

No, this is basically a health and public safety issue. Lakes, rivers and streams contain hidden hazards like sudden drop offs, limbs, rocks ,other unseen obstructions and rapidly changing weather conditions. Lifeguards are not present at those areas and many people overestimate their swimming abilities leading to drowning . It only takes a few seconds to get in trouble and turbid water prevents people from being rescued quickly. Additionally since County Parks are in urban areas with all types of runoff entering the watershed there are chemicals and naturally occurring waterborne bacteria that can cause a variety of illnesses by ingestion or entering our bodies through breaks in the skin. Large populations of ducks and geese contribute to increased bacterial counts in the water. In fact SLCRO 616.070 prohibits swimming or wading in lakes, rivers and streams in County Parks. To cool off in the summertime please visit one of the many public pools or waterparks operated by Parks and Recreation agencies throughout St. Louis County.

Are motorcycles allowed in Lone Elk Park?

No, due to the unique nature of the this park where large mammals (bison and elk) roam freely along roadways the department has determined that motorcycles can disturb the wildlife unnecessarily. While that does include loud mufflers etc; it can also include the size of the motorcycle in relationship to the animal and people who would choose to operate their vehicles off road or in other prohibited areas within the park. These animals are large and unpredictable (which is why we have one area that is drive through only). These animals are also very protective and defensive especially during mating season and it is not uncommon for vehicles to be “brushed” during those times. Motorcycle riders would be unprotected during such an incident and that could lead to serious physical injuries.

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(As of 7/29/20 2:30 p.m.)

The Kennedy Recreation Complex Pool is closed due to mechanical issues.

The 5 mile loop at Cliff Cave is closed due to flooding. The 1 mile loop is still open.