Ranger Park Watch Program


Park Watch is a program to bring park visitors, neighbors and St. Louis County Parks and Recreation together to ensure a quality system of facilities and services for all to enjoy.

If you see suspicious activities, vandalism or problems with a St. Louis County Park, call the Park Watch Hotline at 314-615-ISEE (4733). Persons with hearing impairments can reach us through the Relay Missouri TGY machine at 1-800-735-2966 or Relay Missouri voice messaging at 1-800-735-2466.

As always, to report a crime in progress or a medical emergency, call


To contact the Park Ranger Dispatcher in case of emergency, call


You are encouraged to observe and report on:

  • Illegal or Suspicious Activity
  • Vandalism
  • Hazardous Conditions
  • Park Maintenance Needs
  • Park Ordinance Violations
  • Resource Misuse

You are asked to be a good observer of such events noting time, place, description of vehicles and persons (including height, weight, clothing and direction of travel), as well as any other identifying information.

Park Watch participants should report only! Please do NOT take any action to intervene or attempt to correct a problem. This is the responsibility of St. Louis County Park Rangers and St. Louis County Police.

Thank you for your help!

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