The Hidden World in St. Louis County Parks

Most of us are familiar with the many recreational opportunities afforded us by our St. Louis County Parks. We know them best as places to hike, bike, picnic, play tennis and softball, hockey and volleyball, soccer and other sports. We also know them for their scenic beauty and quiet serenity. But there is so much more to explore in our St. Louis County Parks. We are not the first people to inhabit and enjoy these wonderful natural areas. Many have gone before us and have left their mark, often in hidden and out-of-the-way places.

Did you know, for instance, that there used to be an amusement park on the scale of the present Six Flags a hundred years ago in what is now Creve Coeur Park? Well, remnants of that interesting place are still there and you can see them if you know where to look.

And did you know that during World War Two there was a highly classified military project at Jefferson Barracks Park that was so secret that the people working on it were locked into their work compound and all amenities were provided for them including a swimming pool for recreation? The old pool is still there and can be found if you know where to look.

West Tyson Park was famous among prehistoric Americans as a place where the highest quality flint for arrowheads could be obtained. Did you know that the ancient flint quarries are still there? You can still see them if you know where to look.

And there’s more: both natural and man-made.

Okay, so how do you find these fascinating places? Technology has given us half of the answer - the other half of the answer is provided here on this web site. All you need is an inexpensive Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and the geographic coordinates of the particular feature you are seeking and you’re on your way to the adventure of exploring the Hidden World of St. Louis County Parks.

Within these web pages you will find the GPS coordinates in latitude and longitude for natural and man-made curiosities all within your St. Louis County Parks.

So grab your GPS and go exploring!

Note that new features will be added to the list. Currently 40 items.