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Jefferson Barracks Education Programs

Jefferson Barracks Historic Site

345 North Road, Saint Louis, MO 63125

Guided Tours

Recommended for adults, mixed-age groups and students in 3rd grade or older. Guided tours last approximately 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the age and size of the group. Advanced reservations are required by calling (314) 615-8800 or email [email protected]

(subject to available staff)

Powder Magazine Tour
The Powder Magazine Museum features the Barracks core collection and illustrates the history of Jefferson Barracks from 1826 until 1946.
Cost: $40 for up to 30 people

Old Ordnance Room
The Old Ordnance Room is currently featuring an exhibit entitled, "Looking Back From 75: The Liberation of Northwestern Europe"

As a reflection on the liberation of Northwestern Europe from Nazi domination, the events of 1944 will be the focus of the Old Ordnance Room in this, their 75th anniversary. Starting with the events of the spring and summer of 1944, the initial exhibition will focus on D-Day and the Battle of the Hedgerows. As the year progresses, the exhibit will be modified to tell the story of the race across France, the liberation of the Netherlands, the push into the Rhineland and the Battle of the Bulge.

Cost: $40 for up to 30 people

Jefferson Barracks Bus Tour 
A museum guide will board your bus and provide the story of this grand old army post known as Jefferson Barracks.

Cost: $3 per person with a minimum charge of $72.

Interpretive Programs

All education programs are based on the following chart. For other options on any category please contact the history staff at Jefferson Barracks.

JB Programs

Children on the Frontier
This two-hour, hands on program is designed for Kindergarten through Grade 2. Learn about a child’s life in the 1800’s in the Louisiana Territory where they were expected to contribute to the survival of their family through hands on activities such as candle making, water carrying, and more. Class size limited to 30 students. Cost is $80. 

Westward Expansion

The Frontiersmen 
In the Louisiana Purchase territory, many men found profit and land on the frontier. These men lived off the land and befriended the Native Americans as they learned ways to survive in the wilderness of the West.

Cavalry in the West 
Dragoons, mounted infantry and cavalry all played a significant role in protecting America’s interests as its boundaries migrated west. Learn how the evolution of mounted troops aided settlers throughout the western territories of this continent.

Civil War Era

Billy Yank - Billy Yank, a Union Infantry soldier, greets and instructs your student “recruits” and discusses supplies, equipment and a soldier’s lifestyle.

Johnny Reb - Johnny Reb, a Confederate Infantry soldier, tells the story of Missouri during the War of the Rebellion. Missouri, a state torn in many ways, fighting for the North and the South, plus guerrilla tactics are covered by this soldier.

Civil War Medicine - A Union surgeon will explain what treatment you would have received if you had been wounded during the Civil War. What were your chances of survival would have been? You will also see and learn about medical instruments of the time.

Spies and Codes - Learn about espionage techniques of the 1860s. Who made the best spies? What did spies do? How do you break a code? Students will learn and decipher several secret messages.

World War I

Doughboy - A typical “Doughboy” will examine the U.S. involvement in the war, with an emphasis on his everyday life, equipment, uniform and the “new” methods of warfare.

World War II

G.I. Joe or Army Air Corps Pilot - World War II was the beginning of the truly modern warfare, but it was still the Infantry soldier that made the difference. Explore the life of a soldier during this great conflict through uniforms, web gear and weapons.


Call 314-615-8800 to make reservations. Programs have limited availability, and are booked on a first come, first served basis. Email inquiries may be sent to: [email protected]


Programs outlined in this pamphlet are adaptable for people of all abilities. Please let us know when making your reservation if there is an accommodation that would make the program accessible to you or someone in your group. For hearing impaired, call 800-735-2966 (Relay Missouri).