St. Louis County Park Rock Trails

Rock Trails

Worried about a sloppy trail outing after a rain? Try one of the many rock surfaced trails. These all- weather trails are just the answer after inclement weather. Rock trails provide opportunities for biking, and hiking. Although you will not find the steep and rugged terrain offered with the earthen trails; the rock trails can still get you in touch with the natural surroundings. Check out the unpaved portion of Mallard Trail at Creve Coeur Park. This rock trail is for hiking only and is one of the few rock trails where bikes are not allowed. The trail will take you alongside steep Missouri River valley bluffs and through a bottomland forest that is pocketed with seeps forming small wetlands along the way. A similar experience can be found on the Lewis & Clark Trail at Fort Belle Fontaine. This 3 mile rock trail takes you through a tall grass prairie; near a sinkhole wetland; alongside the rock formations of Coldwater Creek; and past ruins from the 1930’s bygone recreation boom. So even if it has rained for 15 minutes or an hour these trails are waiting just for you.

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