St. Louis County Park Trails by User Type


Finding the right trail just became a lot easier. Do you walk, hike, roller blade, street bike, mountain bike or ride a horse? Depending on how you define fun Saint Louis County Parks will have a trail that fits your activity. Every trail in the entire system is open for hiking and walking. That’s over a 120 miles of trail opportunities. It does not matter if it is paved, rock or just good ole Mother Nature you are never far away from a hiking trail. Whether you take the 7 mile Chubb Trail at West Tyson or the 1 mile Governor’s Trail at Faust there are numerous opportunities to find the perfect hiking trail. Finding a trail for roller sports is a little more restrictive. Trails suitable for roller sports need to be paved, wide, and maybe not too steep. Check out the trails at Creve Coeur Lake, Cliff Cave or Grant’s Trail for roller sports. Street bikes will also need a paved surface and you will have to share the trail with roller sports and pedestrians. Many mountain bikers prefer the more rugged natural trail surfaces. A few perfect mountain bike trails can be found at Greensfelder or West Tyson. Sometimes it might be difficult to find a suitable equestrian trail due to the distance a horse and rider can cover in just a few hours of riding. Greensfelder Park is the choice for most equestrians. With over 25 miles of trail and an equestrian campground Greensfelder meets the needs of most riders. So finding the right trail is really pretty simple after all.

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