in your St. Louis County Parks

The St. Louis County Parks Internship Program, aimed at undergraduate col­lege students, can be customized based on your educational focus, skills, person­al interests, and school’s requirements. Internships are available in these areas:

• Historic Sites

• Park Ranger

• Marketing & Communications

• Parks Recreation and Tourism

• Video Production

We require interns to volunteer 200 hours and complete a special project. We do not pay interns, but will work with interns in­terested in earning academic college credit.

Internship applications can be found on our website. Mail or e-mail, resume, and letter of in­terest to Volunteer Coordinator Sue Bell. For more information, con­tact Sue Bell at

Intern Application Deadlines:

Fall internship: July 1st
Spring internship: November 1st
Summer internship: March 1st



Internship Details: 


Documents for download or print

Mail or email Internship App to:

Coordinator of Volunteer Services
Sue Bell
9801 Mackenzie Road
St. Louis, MO 63123


Past Internship Essays