Master Gardeners and the County Parks

Work with knowledgeable Master Gardeners while beautifying County Parks. 

Who Are the Master Gardeners

The Master Gardener program, founded in Seattle over 30 years ago, has branches in all 50 states and six Canadian provinces. In Missouri, the volunteer run program offers classes and certification through the Missouri Botanical Garden and the University of Missouri Extension Program.

How Do I Become One

Interested gardeners apply to the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Each winter the garden offers classes in topics from basic botany to lawn care to organic gardening.  To earn their title Master Gardeners must attend 50 hours of these classes and complete 50 hours of garden related community service within a year.  To maintain active gardener status, they must complete 50 more hours of service and 10 hours of continuing education each year. Some describe the program as intense, but all enjoy applying their new knowledge.

What Are they Doing With The County Parks

Master Gardeners supervise planting and maintenance in Creve Coeur Park, Faust Park, the Museum of Transportation, Queeny Park and Tilles Park. Their flower beds provide a pleasant background whether for wedding photos or an afternoon in the park.

Other Volunteering Options

While volunteering inspires some to higher aspirations, for others it is just another fun way to give back to the community. Whether you're a life long gardener looking for another outlet or a novice looking for new experiences you will be a welcome addition to the volunteers. You will learn from experts and make new friends along the way. “I don’t think there’s any nicer people than gardeners,” Pat Klimushyn said.

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