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Parks and Recreation

Jefferson Barracks Educational Programs & Field Trips

Jefferson Barracks Historic Site
345 North Road
Saint Louis, MO 63125

Jefferson Barracks was an active Army Post from 1826 to 1946 and has a rich and notable military history. Today, Jefferson Barracks Historic Site is proud to tell the history through its museums, special events, tours and educational programs. Jefferson Barracks educational programs are available to all St. Louis area schools, for grades 4 through 12. Although created to address Missouri’s Core Curriculum standards for students, our programs are popular with many adult groups and organizations. Each educational program cost $40 for up to 30 students or persons. Programs are available in several subjects and last approximately one hour.

Group tours of the museums or grounds are also available. Attendance to the museums is FREE although a $3 per person donation is suggested. Staff-guided museums tours are $4 per person. You may also visit Jefferson Barracks and tour this grand old army barracks by bus or haywagon. Advance registration required. Call 314-615-5270 or e-mail for available dates and times. Bus Tours are  $3 per person with a 24 person minimum or $72. Hayride Tours are $120 per ride.

Civil War Era

Billy Yank - Billy Yank, a Union Infantry soldier, greets and instructs your student “recruits” and discusses supplies, equipment and a soldier’s lifestyle.

Johnny Reb - Johnny Reb, a Confederate Infantry soldier, tells the story of Missouri during the War of the Rebellion. Missouri, a state torn in many ways, fighting for the North and the South, plus guerrilla tactics are covered by this soldier.

Civil War Medicine - A Union surgeon will explain what treatment you would have received if you had been wounded during the Civil War. What were your chances of survival would have been? You will also see and learn about medical instruments of the time.

Spies and Codes - Learn about espionage techniques of the 1860s. Who made the best spies? What did spies do? How do you break a code? Students will learn and decipher several secret messages.

Revolutionary War Era

Revolutionary War Soldier - Visit with a soldier from the Revolutionary War. Hear about life in the Continental Army, uniforms and the weapons used by those who fought for freedom and independence.

The Frontiersmen - In the Louisiana Purchase territory, many men found profit and land on the frontier. These men lived off the land, befriended the Native Americans, as they learned ways to survive in the wilderness of the West.


Doughboy - A typical “Doughboy” will examine the U.S. involvement in the war, with an emphasis on his everyday life, equipment, uniform and the “new” methods of warfare.


G.I. Joe - World War II was the beginning of the truly modern warfare, but it was still the Infantry soldier that made the difference. Explore the life of a soldier during this great conflict.

Army Air Corps Soldier - Coming soon, call for descriptions.