Lone Elk

I-44 North Outer Road west of Highway 141
1 Lone Elk Park Rd
Saint Louis, MO 63088

546 acres
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Lone Elk Park is a wildlife management area, with bison, wild turkey, waterfowl, elk and deer. Motorcycles are prohibited. Domestic animals are not allowed, even if confined in a vehicle.

LAKE LEAK: In mid-May, St. Louis County Parks staff became aware that the main lake in Lone Elk Park was losing water. Upon investigation it was discovered that there was a significant leak due to a large sink hole that was found on the east side of the lake. The lake lost about 7 feet of water but is now fairly stable with the water line below the sink hole.

Parks staff have been working with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) regarding the concern for the fish population in the lake and the changing oxygen levels due to the significant loss of water and the fluctuating summer temperatures. In preparation for the repair of the lake and to avoid a large fish kill, St. Louis County Parks will be holding a Catch and Keep Fishing Event at the lake on Friday, July 15 – Sunday, July 17.

During the three-day event, patrons will be allowed to fish the lake in canoes and special circumstance regulations set by MDC will allow all caught fish to be kept. Excess fish will be donated to the World Bird Sanctuary.

In the meantime, Parks staff have initiated a plan to ensure that all of the animals in the park are able to find water. Animals will be able to use the other ponds in the park and water troughs will be distributed throughout the park.  

If you are interested in participating in the Catch & Keep event, please call (314) 615-8472. Limited boats available.
**As of 7/5/26 open spots on Sunday, July 17 only.

Did you know.....

What is the difference between bison and buffalo?

Scientifically, the term "buffalo" is incorrect for the North American species; its proper Latin name is Bison bison. However, common usage has made the term "buffalo" an acceptable synonym for the American bison. (from The American Buffalo in Transition, by J. Albert Rorabacher.)

Park Hours: 8 a.m. to one half hour past official sunset, 
except when reservations are issued.

Lone Elk photo submitted by Saikiran Bomidika of Chesterfield

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Park Closings:

Lone Elk Park periodic lane closures, Mon - Fri to repair the roads. There will be times when the entire Bison Area will be closed

The spray fountain at Creve Coeur Back Loop is closed for repairs.