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Back To nature in Queeny Park

Take a trip to the past at the Back To Nature Event held at Queeny Park on April 26, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. You’ll learn about the natural plant communities that were present at the park prior to human settlement. See firsthand the restoration efforts that are currently underway to convert areas of the park back to the prairie, woodland, and savanna habitats that were historically located throughout the landscape. Join us for a fun filled day of activities including kids crafts, bird walks, bird banding, tree planting, partnering organization exhibits, and a shaved ice truck.

Event partners include the St. Louis County Parks Department, Missouri Department of Conservation, US Fish & Wildlife Service, St. Louis Audubon Society, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, and Shaw Nature Reserve. 

County-MDC Partnership Restores Queeny Park Habitat

Angie Weber, CCP


MDC and the St. Louis County Parks Department teamed up to convert 80 acres of degraded habitat to natural communities that were historically located on the site. Located in the heart of St. Louis County, the park draws over one million visitors a year. A new MDC competitive grant program for community parks launches in FY15 based on this pilot project. The program will connect communities to nature throughout the St. Louis region.

At just under 570 acres in size, this urban park provides a unique opportunity to enhance local biodiversity by restoring critical habitats that were once abundant throughout the landscape. It also provides educational opportunities to municipal decision makers, landscape contractors, park visitors, and community residents about the processes involved in converting nonfunctional green space into high quality wildlife habitat and the importance of integrating natural systems back into urban communities to enhance our quality of life.

The St. Louis Community Conservation Team (CCT) and the parks department collectively drafted a habitat management plan that dictates all restoration activities conducted at the site. St. Louis County committed to conducting a large portion of the work in house using their staff and equipment. MDC contributed $50,000 for the project through a cooperative agreement with the St. Louis County Parks Department.

The plan calls for woody invasive species removal on 48 acres of the site including eradication of mature honeysuckle stands, box elder groves, honey and black locust thickets, and Osage orange trees, a primary use of the MDC funding. The plan then calls for the site to be revegetated with native trees planted by a contractor or volunteer labor. Additional restoration activities at the site include prairie reconstruction and wetland and riparian corridor enhancement. The project is also receiving support from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, St. Louis Audubon Society (SLAS), Shaw Nature Reserve, and the Missouri Community Forestry Council (MCFC).

Volunteers planted native trees in November on an 8 acre area that was cleared of honeysuckle earlier in the year. Forest ReLeaf donated 950, 3-gallon size trees for the event, along with two Gator utility vehicles to transport the trees throughout the planting site. Over 50 volunteers from the SLAS, MCFC, Master Naturalists, REI, a local scout troop, and St. Louis CCT helped with the tree planting activities.

Proposed Dog Park in Queeny Park 

Queeny Park was once part of the estate of the late Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. Queeny. Mr. Queeny was the former president and chairman of the board of Monsanto Chemical Company, which was founded by his father.

Home of the Greensfelder Recreation Complex, the Dog Museum, fishing, trails, picnic sites and hayrides.

Park Hours: 8 a.m. to one half hour past official sunset, 
except when reservations are issued.