St. Louis County Parks 30/30 HIKES Program
 (30 Trails/30 Minute Hikes)

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 33 percent of U.S. adults are now obese, and the National Center for Health Statistics says 16 % of children aged 6 to 19 are considered overweight. “

St. Louis County Parks is offering their new 30/30 HIKES Program to help fight obesity and encourage parents and leaders to instill a lifestyle of exercise and good health in our children. It gives individuals, families, groups and co-workers the opportunity to enjoy nature, visit new parks and most importantly, get those 30 minutes of exercise that is critical to good health. There are 30 trails designated throughout St. Louis County with a suggested hike that takes around 30 minutes to complete. Maps for the 30/30 HIKES highlight the suggested route, give information about the natural features in the park and the mileage of the designated walk. St. Louis County Parks has over 124 miles of trails and this will give participants a chance to experience many of them. If they find a park they particularly like, they can return often and hike other trails in that park.

To add some fun and adventure to the program, the County Parks Department has installed 30/30 HIKES signs and punches at the trail heads of each designated site. The master map showing all 30 locations and the 30 individual trail site maps can be downloaded below or purchased for $10 at the any of the 5 Recreation Complexes and Centers where the punch cards are also available for pick-up. This exploring and hiking adventure would be perfect for a family project, a scout merit badge or a group challenge. If all 30 sites are punched, participants will be able to turn in their card and receive a 30/30 HIKES patch. At the completion of all 30 hikes the participants will have 15 hours of exercise under their belt and will have hiked 55 miles. Whether before or after work, at lunch, or on the weekend, these hikes will give the participants a chance to be fit, explore new parks, enjoy nature and have fun with friends and family. For more information call 314-615-8822.

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Park Closings:

The Bottomland Trail along Grant's Trail was severely damaged during periods of heavy rain. For safety reasons, this short trail has been closed. Plans are being developed to relocate the trail away from Gravois Creek.

The east side of Cliff Cave Road including the field and River Bluff trail is closed for Construction.