Countywide Planning & Policy

The Department of Planning is responsible for implementing and participating in a wide variety of planning and policy initiatives throughout St. Louis County and the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Efforts include analysis of boundary changes in St. Louis County, including annexations; development of specialized plans and policies, such as the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy, the Consolidated Plan and the Meramec Greenway Plan; and partnerships with area agencies on regional planning initiatives, such as the Regional Sustainability Plan led by the East-West Gateway Council of Governments.

Throughout all of these initiatives, the goal of the Department is to develop and promote plans and policies that ensure a high quality of life for those who live and work in and visit St. Louis County.

Boundary Changes & Annexations

The St. Louis County Planning Department monitors boundary changes in St. Louis County, such as annexations, transfers of jurisdictions, and boundary adjustments, and prepares analytical reports on their impacts on residents and property owners. The Department also regularly attends Boundary Commission meetings and public hearings and represents St. Louis County Government’s interests before the Boundary Commission. 

In St. Louis County, annexation procedures are governed by Missouri state law (RSMo 72.400-421) and are under the auspices of the Boundary Commission. The Boundary Commission is an independent body with eleven appointed members, all of whom must reside in St. Louis County. The Boundary Commission operates under a five-year “planning cycle” according to Missouri law.

Specialized Plans & Policies

Meramec Greenway Plan
The Meramec Greenway Concept Plan, adopted by the County Council in December 2003, summarizes three decades of efforts to restore the Meramec River as a scenic and recreational asset.  The plan sets forth the goals of the public-private partnership that is developing parks and trails in and interconnected greenway.  For more information on implementation of the plan and other regional trails, visit Great Rivers Greenway’s page here.  

Regional Planning Initiatives

The St. Louis Regional Sustainability Plan 

This project is sponsored by East-West Gateway Council of Governments

On October 14, 2010, East-West Gateway Council of Governments learned that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development would award the St. Louis region with $4.6 million to conduct regional sustainable communities planning over a three-year period. The grant was part of the federal government’s new emphasis on integrated planning, where transportation, housing and environmental issues are linked to create more sustainable and economically vibrant communities.

St. Louis County was one of 11 regional partners that worked with East-West Gateway to carry out this three-year program. In addition to sitting on the project steering committee and staffing the various technical planning committees, the St. Louis County Department of Planning conducted a countywide affordable rental housing assessment as part of the regional planning effort. 


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