Baumgartner Road (AR-855)


Project Update


Due to constantly evolving requirements from the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) concerning stormwater quality and the Federal and State Governments concerning pedestrian accessibility, St. Louis County has determined that the previously announced concept, Alternate 4, is no longer a feasible design for this project.  St. Louis County is evaluating potential modifications to the project scope which will reduce the  environmental impacts and ensure that the project provides an accessible pedestrian route in compliance with the current best practices related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Due to the hilly terrain and high rock elevations, this project site presents numerous challenges in making these design modifications.  It is anticipated that a new concept plan and schedule for this phase of the Baumgartner Road project will be announced by Fall 2014.


General Project Information


Project Limits:

  • Oakville Area, Council District 6
  • Milburn Avenue, Old Baumgartner Road and New Baumgartner Road from Fireleaf Drive to Black Forest Drive, a distance of approximately half a mile.


Project Contact:

  • Department of Highways and Traffic Project Manager is Joe Kulessa, (314) 615-8584.


Project Schedule:

  • Concept plan will be announced by Fall 2014.


Project Purpose and Need


  • According to many residents who attended our South County Transportation Forum, the existing intersection of Baumgartner and Old Baumgartner presents serious safety concerns.  Our own studies of the issue confirmed these concerns.  Motorists traveling northeast on Baumgartner (away from Black Forest Drive) must, before curling around the intersection to continue on Baumgartner, turn their heads 180 degrees to determine if oncoming vehicles are driving east toward them on Baumgartner.  A curve and hill immediately west of the intersection further complicates and increases the level of danger involved in executing this maneuver.
  • The ‘T’ intersection of Milburn and Old Baumgartner is often subject to heavy congestion, particularly when funneling traffic flow in and out of nearby Oakville High School.  Buses and large, delivery-type type trucks also have difficulty maneuvering through this area.


Modified Project Goals


  • Evaluate this project site for compliance with the St. Louis County “Complete Streets” Ordinance.
  • Realign Baumgartner Road, Old Baumgartner Road, and Milburn Avenue to enhance roadway safety
  • Enhance traffic flow at the intersection of Milburn Avenue and Old Baumgartner Road.
  • Install a traffic signal and dedicated turn lanes for all major traffic movements at the intersection of Old Baumgartner and Baumgartner Road.
  • Provide ADA compliant pedestrian accommodations at both intersections.
  • Install new sidewalk where practicable.  All new sidewalks will be ADA compliant.
  • Use green infrastructure where practicable to reduce environmental impact.