Roadway Concept Plans

How Does a Need Become a Project?

Step 1 - Citizen input through:
  • Town hall meetings.
  • Transportation programs sponsored by the Saint Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic.
  • Letter and e-mail inquiries reporting transportation needs.

Step 2 - County input through the St. Louis County, Department of Highways and Traffic, Division of Highway Planning:

  • We rate ARS (Arterial Road System) and CRS (County Road System) perceived needs.
  • We participate in co-sponsored planning meetings with MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) held every three months.
  • We develop partnerships with other agencies and/or cities to address roadway needs.

Step 3 - All needs identified through steps 1 and 2 are processed through the Division of Highway Planning's ranking system and a prioritized list is developed.

Step 4 - Aerial photography and survey data is collected for the highest priority needs.

Step 5 - The Division of Highway Planning develops a concept plan.

Step 6
 - The concept plan is introduced through the public involvement process. Buy-in or endorsement by public and elected officals is completed.

Step 7 - Division of Highway Planning confirms the concept is adopted and authenticates the concept plan as a project.

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