Baxter Road (AR-856)

Project Status

The design for the project is complete and the necessary easements and rights of way have been acquired.  An initial public meeting was held on March, 21, 2001.  Unfortunately, though the design was completed shortly thereafter, we were unable to fund the construction of the project.  Having successfully secured the funding in our 2011 budget, we have recently updated the design and completed easement acquisition.  A "Request for Bids" to hire a contractor for the project was advertised starting December 20, 2010, with the opening of the bids held on January 5, 2011.  Pace Contracting, Inc. won the contract with a bid of $5,200,980.

A final Public Information Meeting was held on January 12, 2011 to advise the public of the anticipated construction schedule, short term road closure, and other design elements.  The Open House forum meeting was very well attended, with over 180 residents participating.

We Thank You all for coming and for your interest in this project!

The level of interest and number of residents was so great that we decided to provide an impromptu presentation of the Baxter Road Project during the meeting, and fielded many questions from the attendees.  Paul Sneed, our very experienced Resident Engineer for the project, was introduced.  He will be the construction engineer and project liaison for residents, and will be on site while the project is under construction.  He can currently be contacted through our construction office at (314) 615-1150.

We will continue to update this webpage as new information is available.

Project Information

  • Highway Department Contact - Gus Heck, North/West Area Engineer, (314) 615-8563.
  • Three Lane Section - Project will have one thru lane in each direction and one continuous two-way center left turn lane.
  • Bridges - A new double box culvert will be built at Isleview Drive to replace a deficient existing culvert.
  • Project Limits - From Claymont Estates Drive to Heathercroft Drive.
  • Design Features - Designed by In-House staff.  Roadway will have asphaltic concrete pavement, continuous concrete curb and gutters, enclosed drainage, a tree lawn, and five foot wide sidewalks on both sides.  The vertical alignment will be changed to improve sight distances.  There are no significant changes in the horizontal alignment.
  • Crosswalk - The need for additional crosswalks will be evaluated upon completion of project.
  • Construction Cost - $5,200,980.