Kehrs Mill Road / Long Road / Wild Horse Creek Road (AR-863, A & B)


Project Update


The intersection of Kehrs Mill Road and Wild Horse Creek Road will be closed to traffic for a 30 day period beginning June 15, 2012. During the 30 day closure:


Wild Horse Creek Road from Baxter Road:  NO ACCESS TO KEHRS MILL ROAD or LONG ROAD

Wild Horse Creek Road from Highway 109:  CONNECTED TO LONG ROAD - NO ACCESS TO KEHRS MILL ROAD

A temporary road will be provided for Emergency Vehicles Only to use during the closure.  St. Louis County, MoDOT and the City of Chesterfield will monitor the traffic during the closure and make any adjustments to minimize the impacts to traffic.

Construction started on December 22, 2011 and should be completed by Spring of 2013.  The Project is currently about 40% complete.  Mark Amen, County Resident Engineer, posts a "Project Update Letter" monthly, which can be found at the following link:

Please call August (Gus) Heck, Jr. P.E., North / West Area Engineer, at (314) 615-8563 (voice) or (314) 615-8527 (TTY) with any questions you might have regarding this concept plan or traffic concerns during the 30 day closure.


Previous Project News

Based on public comment and the comment of the St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic and the City of Chesterfield, both the County and City recommended to the TDD Board that Alternate 1 (shown on this website), be selected as the preferred design for this improvement.  The TDD Board agreed!


Project Status


Section A extends from south of the Missouri Central Railroad tracks to south of Wild Horse Creek Road (approximately 2,300 feet).  Section B extends from Chesterfield Airport Road southwardly to the Missouri Central Railroad tracks.


The project design is based on the selected preferred alternate.


Alternate selection was based on comment from the public, county staff and city staff.


Burns and McDonnell is our Design Consultant.


Construction of Section B (north of tracks) commenced on February 11, 2009.  Project B is complete pending final inspection and acceptance by St. Louis County.


Project Information




This project was enabled by a close, cooperative effort between St. Louis County and the City of Chesterfield.


Project Limits:

Chesterfield Airport Road, southwardly to 600 feet south of Wild Horse Creek Road, a distance of approximately 5,000 feet.


Project located in County Council District 7, in the City of Chesterfield.


Recommended Improvements:


Widen roadway to five lanes from Chesterfield Airport Road to Wild Horse Creek Road, which includes a center turn lane.

Install a new railroad crossing in its present location, including new safety medians at both sides of the crossing.

Design a walking path combination of shoulders / bike path / sidewalk throughout the project.

Design 8-foot wide sidewalks on Kehrs Mill Road.

Realign intersections of Long Road / Wild Horse Creek Road / Kehrs Mill Road.

Provide beautification improvements at the intersection of Kehrs Mill Road and Wild Horse Creek Road as requested by the City of Chesterfield.


Preferred Alternate:


Alternate 1 - Align Long Road with westbound Wild Horse Creek Road; extend Kehrs Mill Road into a "T" intersection with Long Road; align eastbound Wild Horse Creek Road into a "T" intersection with realigned Kehrs Mill Road.



Funding by the voter approved Transportation Development District (TDD).


Detailed Description of Alternate 1


In the preferred alternate (Alternate 1), the existing pavement of Long Road, from Chesterfield Airport Road to the railroad tracks north of the Walnut Grove development, would be widened to accommodate five lanes with shoulders and the entire pavement overlaid.  From this point through the balance of the projects, pavement cross-sections for all new construction would consist of five lanes with auxiliary lanes as determined necessary.  This alternate contemplates the inclusion of a combination type trail system.


Alternate 1  -  Single Bridge Option  [Preferred Option]

This alternate proposes:


·        The realignment of Long Road and the west leg of Wild Horse Creek Road along a common curved centerline that favors the predominant traffic movement (east to north in the A.M. peak hours and south to west in the P.M. peak hours).


·        The extension of Kehrs Mill Road via a new bridge over Bonhomme Creek to a new signalized "T" intersection with the Long Road / Wild Horse Creek Road alignment.


·        Enhancement and signalization of the Kehrs Mill Road / Wild Horse Creek Road intersection, again, for the most part, favoring the predominant peak hour traffic flow.


·        Elimination of the existing sub-standard Wild Horse Creek Road bridge over Bonhomme Creek.


·        Geometrics facilitate primary movements.


·        Only one bridge is necessary.


·        MoDOT supports alternative with minimal reservation.


·        Cost contribution from MoDOT with elimination of existing bridge.


·        Capacity is substantially increased.


·        Traffic needs are addressed for the next twenty years (minimum).


·        Coordinated traffic signals promote progression.


·        TDD funding is appropriate.



Purpose and Need Statement


Prior to and especially since the incorporation of the City of Chesterfield in 1988, many quality residential subdivisions have developed along the Wild Horse Creek Road and Kehrs Mill Road corridors in west St. Louis County.  For most of these developments, access to central County and downtown St. Louis was logically by way of Long Road to Interstate 64 (U.S. Highway 40).  During this period of sustained residential growth, motorists experienced increasing levels of congestion and delay, largely attributable to the offset intersections of Long Road and Kehrs Mill Road with Wild Horse Creek Road.


Following the flood of 1993, the young City of Chesterfield embarked on an aggressive 500 year Levee Plan.  Confidence in that "Never again!" plan enabled huge investment in development in the Chesterfield Valley area, which was, for the most part, agricultural and industrial land uses.  Chesterfield Commons and other retail developments were born.  And the general interest in locating in this vibrant part of the City of Chesterfield continues to grow.


Obviously, the addition of the retail community in Chesterfield Valley has over-burdened the already congested intersections of Long Road and Kehrs Mill Road at Wild Horse Creek Road.


The purpose of the proposed project is to "catch up" with the demand placed by current and planned development on the highway system and to ensure continued safe and efficient movement of people, goods and services on these critical arterial roadways.


The preferred alternate is designed to address the following specific needs:


·        Eliminate unacceptable levels of congestion and delay at the most reasonable cost.


·        Reduce the number and potential of driver related crashes that would be attributable to the existing sub-standard geometric conditions.


·        Promote community access and regional mobility.


·        Provide elements that will enhance the aesthetic value of adjacent properties and the community as a whole.


·        Reinforce pedestrian access and safety.


·        Favor the directional movements that demonstrate the greatest current and future demands.