Old Halls Ferry Road at Vaile Avenue (AR-1232)

Project Status

  •  Design complete.
  •  Right-of-way and easement acquisition process temporarily started.
  •  Engage local community as requested.
  •  Held public meetings in June 2011.
  •  We will continue to update this webpage as new information is available.

Project Information


  •   Highway Department Contact - Gus Heck, North/West Area Engineer at (314) 615-8563.
  •   Designed by in-house staff engineers, with oversight/review by Ourston Roundabout Engineering.
  •   Construction scheduled for 2014.
  •   Design Features - Single lane modern roundabout, landscaped central island and splitter islands, asphaltic concrete pavement, concrete curb and gutter, 5-foot wide concrete sidewalks, enclosed storm sewer drainage, lighting.
  •   Sidewalks - New concrete sidewalk from Keevenshore Drive to Caballo Crossing Court, and also on Vaile Avenue between New Halls Ferry Road and Fox Plains Drive.
  •   Estimated Construction Cost - Roundabout - $665,000, Sidewalk - $85,000.
  •   Project Aerial MapCLICK HERE for Concept Plan Aerial (AR-1232).