Old State Road (AR-788-B)

Project Status


Due to our funding projections, we will not be able to proceed with our original construction schedule.

This project is still important to us, which is why we continue working through the design state.  As money becomes available, we will move into right-of-way, easement acquisition, and construction of this project.  No specific new construction letting date has been determined at this time.

We will continue to update this webpage as new information is available.



Project Information

  • Highway Department Contact: Gus Heck, North/West Area Engineer at (314) 615-8563.

  • The design work done by Jacobs Engineering is substantially complete.  Before a contract can be let, the design documents will need to be updated to current Storm Water and ADA Standards.  The updated design work will be done either by a consultant or by in-house staff.

  • Various Lane Sections - Project will have two lane sections (12 feet wide lanes), three lane sections (2-12 feet wide through lanes and one 13.5 feet center turning lane), and five lane sections (4-12 feet wide through lanes and one 13.5 center turning lane).

  • Intersection Alignment - Ridge Road will be realigned to intersect Old State Road at a 90 degree angle.
  • Project Limits - The project begins at the terminus of our Old State Road, Phase "A" project (approximately 200 feet south of Pierside Lane) and extends to Old State Spur (a total of approximately 1.4 miles).
  • Design Features - The new roadway will be similar to the recently completed section of Old State Road between Pierside Lane and Manchester Road.  It, too, will have continuous concrete curb and gutters, enclosed drainage, a tree lawn, and 5 foot wide sidewalks on both sides.