Shackelford Road (AR-1398)

Public Open House Hosted by the Department
on April 10, 2013
at the JFK Community Center,
Florissant, Missouri


  •  St. Louis County’s Department of Highways and Traffic has selected an improvement plan for Shackelford Road, between Humes Lane and Charbonier.  To see a PDF aerial plan of the proposed Shackelford Road improvements, CLICK HERE.


  •  The Department hosted an open house to explain that selection, and to share the Preliminary Design Drawing by which the improvements will be implemented.


  •  Based upon the comments received from residents who attended the Department’s October 2011 public meeting, as well as those comments submitted to the County’s web site, the “Preferred Solution” will widen Shackelford from four to five lanes.  This alternative will impact homes that front Shackelford Road.


  • Comments will be received at the open house or at the website for 10 days after the public meeting or by mail if post marked by April 22, 2013 (see below under "Latest News").


If you have any further questions or require special accommodations, you can contact: 


August “Gus” Heck, Jr. P.E.

North/West Area Engineer


TTY 314-615-5889


 Please Note: 48 hours (2 business days) notice is needed for sign language interpreters or Braille.

Latest News


  • If you were unable to attend the latest Open House, submit your project comments to the Department, post marked by April 22, 2013.  Please use one of the following methods to provide us with your comments:  Print out and complete the "Comment Sheet" and mail to August "Gus" Heck, Jr. P.E., 1050 N. Lindbergh Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63132;  Print out and complete the "Comment Sheet" and fax to (314) 615-8156, Attention: August "Gus" Heck, Jr. P.E.;  or Print out and complete the "Comment Sheet", scan and send as an e-mail attachment to  


  • A previous Open House meeting was held at the JFK Community Center.  The Open House was attended by approximately 190 Residents and we received 128 comment sheets.


  • North/West Area Engineer:  August "Gus" Heck, Jr. P.E.


  • Project Manager:  Bill Murphy


Project Information


Proposed Limits:


  • From Humes Lane southwest to Charbonier Road, approximately 1.1 miles.
  • Project located in County Council District 2.

Why Is This Project Needed:

From 2007 to 2011, more than 250 accidents occurred on Shackelford Road from Charbonier Road to Humes Lane.  This number of crashes – 30 percent of which resulted in injuries - corresponds to one of the highest crash rates on County road segments found on our needs list.  The crash rate is 10 percent higher than the level considered by the federal government to be “high priority.”  We have received federal funding to address this problem and are investigating various means to reduce the number and severity of crashes.  Though we cannot prevent every crash, we can make roadway and intersection improvements that will reduce the likelihood of crashes occurring and in some cases, reduce the severity of those crashes that do occur.  These solutions will have different effects on access to properties on and near the roadway, the amount of right-of-way needed, traffic flow, and the cost of the project.  As always, we have a limited budget with which to construct any improvements.  Our main, overriding goal is to reduce the number and severity of accidents along this stretch of road.

Recommended Improvements:


  • See the proposed Shackelford Road improvements:  CLICK HERE