Chapter 1003   

St. Louis County Zoning Ordinance

Section Title

1003.010 Short Title 
1003.011 Purpose 
1003.020 Definitions 
1003.030 Establishment of Districts Zoning Map 
1003.040 Interpretation and Extension of District Boundaries 
1003.050 District Regulations
1003.101 "FP" Flood Plain District Regulations
1003.103 "PS" Park and Scenic District Regulations
1003.107 "NU" Non Urban District Regulations
1003.109 “KP” - Karst Preservation District Regulations 
1003.110 Urban Residence Districts Regulations
1003.111 "R 1" Residence District Regulations
1003.112 "R 1A" Residence District Regulations
1003.113 "R 2" Residence District Regulations
1003.115 "R 3" Residence District Regulations
1003.117 "R 4" Residence District Regulations
1003.119 "R 5" Residence District Regulations
1003.120 "R 6A" Residence District Regulations
1003.120A "R 6AA" Residence District Regulations
1003.121 "R 6" Residence District Regulations
1003.123 "R 7" Residence District Regulations
1003.125 "R 8" Residence District Regulations
1003.131 "C 1" Neighborhood Business District Regulations
1003.133 "C 2" Shopping District Regulations
1003.135 "C 3" Shopping District Regulations
1003.137 "C 4" Highway Service Commercial District Regulations
1003.141 "C 6" Office and Research Service District Regulations
1003.143 "C 7" General Extensive Commercial District Regulations
1003.145 "C 8" Planned Commercial District Regulations
1003.151 "M 1" Industrial District Regulations
1003.153 "M 2" Industrial District Regulations
1003.155 "M 3" Planned Industrial District Regulations
1003.157 "MXD" Mixed Use Development District Regulations 
1003.157B Telecommunication Tower Regulations 
1003.160 General Regulations 
1003.161 Air Navigation Space Regulations 
1003.163 Zoning Performance Standard Regulations 
1003.165 Off Street Parking and Loading Regulations General 
1003.165A Off Street Parking & Loading Commercial 
1003.165B Off Street Parking & Loading Cultural, Entertainment, & Recreation 
1003.165C Off Street Parking & Loading Industrial
1003.165D Off Street Parking & Loading Institutional
1003.165E Off Street Parking & Loading Open Space and Agriculture
1003.165F Off Street Parking & Loading Residential
1003.165G Off Street Parking & Loading Transportation, Communication, & Utilities
1003.165H Minimum Loading Requirements 
1003.166 Review and Approval of Development Near County Parks 
1003.167 Miscellaneous Regulations 
1003.167A Area Regulations for Group Homes for the Developmentally Disabled 
1003.168 Sign Regulations General 
1003.168A Sign Regulations for "FP", "PS", "NU" and All "R" Districts 
1003.168B Sign Regulations for All "C", "M", and "MXD" Districts 
1003.168C Subdivision Information Signs 
1003.168D Temporary Signs
1003.170 Non Conforming Uses, Lands, and Structures 
1003.173 Trust Indentures and Warranty Deeds 
1003.179 Site Plan Review Procedure
1003.180 Special Procedure 
1003.181 Conditional Use Permits 
1003.182 Special Business Permit Procedure  
1003.183 Density Development Procedure 
1003.187 Planned Environment Unit Procedure 
1003.189 Commercial Industrial Designed Development Procedure 
1003.191 Landmark and Preservation Area Procedure
1003.193 Appeal and Protest Procedure for Special Procedures 
1003.200 Administration, Enforcement, and Permits
1003.210 Fees 
1003.300 Procedure for Amending the Zoning Ordinance 
1003.310 Advisory and Review Committee 
1003.410 Penalties for Violation of Zoning Ordinance 
1003.420 Repeal of Conflicting Ordinances 
1003.425 Exclusions