St. Louis County Clerk

What We Do

The County Charter sets out the Clerk's duties: "The county clerk shall keep the county seal, attend meetings of the council, keep a record of the proceedings of the council and other permanent records of the county as required by law or ordinance and perform such other duties as may be required by ordinance."

Document Repository
  • Serves as the repository for official St. Louis County documents
  • Documents maintained include legislation passed by the County Council such as Ordinances, ResolutionsPrepared Orders, Council Meeting Journals Minutes, and documents submitted for preservation (Contracts, Street files including Vacation of Streets, Planning Commission files, Municipal Annexations, Incorporations. 
  • We provide copies and/or certified copies of documents upon request at a nominal cost. 
  • Copies and research areas of interest needed?  Contact us at (314) 615-7171.

    Please note that the St. Louis County Clerk's Office is not affiliated with the St. Louis County Court system and, therefore, cannot respond to inquiries regarding Court dates, Court decisions, etc. Court related questions must be directed to the St. Louis County Circuit Clerk's Office.
Notary Commissions

  • Provide information regarding the application process to become a Notary in the State of Missouri
  • Supply the Notary handbook, the Notary application, and perform the Notary Oath with appropriate documentation from the Secretary of State's Office. 
  • Interested?  Applicants in St. Louis County must appear at the Clerk's Office at 41 South Central Ave., Clayton, MO
  • Submit a $10,000 Bond, the letter of acceptance/approval from the Secretary of State's Office and pay a $3.00 fee to become a Notary. 

Questions?  Contact the Notary Division at (314) 615-7173.

The St. Louis County Clerk's Office, Notary Division, does not notarize documents and cannot provide legal advice to notaries about notarizing documents.

Please note: Notaries who reside in other Missouri Counties or the City of St. Louis should contact the office of the County Clerk in their County of Residence or the City Clerk in the City of St. Louis.

Residents of other States, employed in the State of Missouri, wishing to become a Notary in the State of Missouri for employment purposes, must complete the Notary process, which includes being sworn in and the submission of a $10,000 Bond, in their respective County of employment. Individuals employed by the City of St. Louis must contact the St. Louis City Clerk (314-622-4433) for further information.

Additional information regarding the process for becoming a Notary in the State of Missouri may be obtained by visiting the web site of the Secretary of State.