Police Department

The St. Louis County Police Department is comprised of approximately 1015 commissioned officers and 328 professional staff members.  With specialized divisions, crime labs, and numerous municipal services offered throughout St. Louis County, our department is the largest in the region.  We serve one million residents directly and indirectly.  We have dedicated staff handle everything from records requests to major criminal investigations.  Honored with the Tri-Arc CALEA accreditation, our vision is to provide quality policing to every citizen of we come in contact with and perform our duties with dignity and service to our fellow man. 

We are the third largest provider of local law enforcement in the state. We are committed to a partnership between police and law-abiding citizens - to create permanent solutions to problems that lead to crime.

Contact Us

7900 Forsyth Blvd
Clayton, MO  63105
Non-Emergency and General Information: 636-529-8210
Emergency: Dial 911

St. Louis County Precincts

The Division of Patrol has eight precincts that are strategically located throughout the county to serve our citizens. They are North County, Central County, Affton Southwest, South County, Fenton, Wildwood West County, and the City of Jennings.

Each precinct is assigned a Captain as its Commander.  Over 400 uniformed officers work within each Division. 

Visit our precinct-specific pages below.

1st Precinct - North County
2nd Precinct - Central County
3rd Precinct - Affton Southwest
4th Precinct - South County
5th Precinct - City of Fenton
6th Precinct - City of Wildwood
7th Precinct - West County